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    Oh I really need/want this! Been following your YouTube for 2 years now.
  2. Just back from Colorado off-road tour. 7 trails completed

    So beautiful. Gotta get back out to Colorado.
  3. Which trims come without carpet?

    Exactly what I was thinking
  4. [CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: DIY Windshield Protection Film Kit (exoshield) for your Ford Bronco!

    I’m in, I would use this. Zero windshield cracks so far, but windshield Gods please don’t let this post jinx me.
  5. Who's a 7/19 build?

    I’m at 15k miles, still enjoying it.
  6. Who's a 7/19 build?

    Yep, 7/19/21 build week was a shit show for sure. They won’t understand….
  7. AWE x Stage 3 Motorsports Bronco 0FG Exhaust Giveaway

    Entered. I bet you you won’t pick me…
  8. Installed Method MR305 wheels / BFG KM3 37x12.5 -17 / Broncbuster Bushing + Tie Rod Sleeves

    Do you think BFG 37s will fit with 1” level but keeping SAS flares? (not doing flare deletes)
  9. DONE! I have re-drilled rear shock mount 2” higher, =more clearance and 2” lift.

    @BigMeatsBronco and @Parcsalooc Nice, can you share which exact lift components are you each running up front?
  10. Metalcloak Giveaway - May/June - Lower Control Arm Skids!

    I’m in! I need some lower control arm skids -pick me!
  11. 2021 Badlands Sasquatch took a hit... totaled?

    At least your tie rod is still in one piece! Sorry to see this, hope everyone’s ok.
  12. Is auto start/stop contributing to Bronco fuel pump failures? Poll

    You may be right. It’s just a hunch but let’s see what the survey says, by those who actually had failures. I’m curious…
  13. Is auto start/stop contributing to Bronco fuel pump failures? Poll

    I have read a lot about fuel pump failures. My theory is that the auto/start stop in the Bronco is contributing to the fuel pump failures. I‘m assuming its the same one in most road only vehicles and not designed for on/off road, bumps, uphill, downhill, rocks, stopping to check your line...
  14. Fox Factory Coilovers In Stock Now

    Nice, wish I had $5k, just sent my $5k to Uncle Sam For taxes.
  15. Meet Bertha

    Very nice, but WTF is this?
  16. Best AT tire replacement for Sasquatch?

    Air them down, the dealer probably set them at 48 lbs. They’re actually a good tire for what you stated. Unless you plan on driving on a lot of gravel, as they tend to throw rocks.
  17. Bronco-Inspired Custom Home-Built Teardrop Trailer and Her Maiden Voyage

    They are a good outfit, some of their work inspired us and I think I bought my doors from them.
  18. Bronco-Inspired Custom Home-Built Teardrop Trailer and Her Maiden Voyage

    Thanks very much. As for a plan, we didn’t really have a plan at the start but after we decided to build vs buy, we had seen a lot of teardrop sites and decided what we wanted From shape to specific add on amenities. So once we had that vision (and drew it on paper) we started. Just like...