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  1. Well...that didn't take long (cracked windshield)

    16000 miles and 3 replacements for me. First one was on my first road trip at 300 miles. Oof.
  2. Incorrect Property Tax Value

    I won't argue with saving a few hundred, just want to make sure I haven't screwed something up as @69BroncoX302 pointed out, don't want to get stuck with a tax bill in a few years...
  3. Incorrect Property Tax Value

    First time poster, long time lurker. Thrilled owner of a Area 51 OBX 4DR that just hit 3000 miles and was inspected a few weeks back. MSRP with options was around $52k, but NC Division of Motor Vehicles thinks that property tax value is just $27,620 which would be closer to a base model. Called...
  4. Fusion Bumpers SEMA Build

    I'm just... sad. What a waste.
  5. Ford Financing rates - anyone know what Ford's current APR is for Tier 1 credit?

    My local credit union was also offering 1.99% for 60 months (would have been 1.74% had I also opened a credit card), my dealer Town & Country in Charlotte was able to offer 1.84% yesterday for 60, 66, or 72 months. Ended up going with the dealer credit for ease of process and the fact that I...