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  1. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    My railcar arrived on Saturday (12/16) in Columbia SC. I'm in Charlotte about an hour and a half away and it was delivered to my dealer yesterday (12/20) around noon. Finally got in touch with them today and its still going through the inspection process, just waiting on the keys now. So...
  2. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Shipped on 12/9 with an estimated delivery date between 12/19 and 1/1
  3. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Mine finally updated late last night.
  4. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    Mine finally showed up today. My blend date was today (12/7) as well.
  5. Bronco build week 12/4/2023

    12/4 here. Originally ordered back in September 2021. Finally got a VIN and scheduled for week of July 31st to be pushed back week after week. Hasn’t updated since 10/27 so I contacted Ford via chat and they said I had a production date of 12/8. Hoping that date holds. 4dr Black Wildtrak...
  6. 7/31/2023 Build Week

    On Friday I was moved from 8/2 to 8/18. Just checked again this morning and still 8/18.
  7. 7/31/2023 Build Week

    7/31 build week as well. Moved to 8/2 last week and still 8/2 as of today. Wildtrak, 4 door, High package, leather.