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  1. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    Help! My BS said yesterday that it arrived in mass (final destination for VSCO) and this morning when I track it it says it's heading back to NY? Anyone have this happen to them?
  2. 4/24/2023 Build Week

    So my bronco arrived at final rail yard in mass today (hour and a half away from dealership) Anyone have experience how long it can sit there before going to dealership?
  3. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    Have you taken delivery? I am 3/27 build week, and my Bronco just hit Norfolk rails yesterday. Trying to gauge how accurate they were with the estimate. No I checked railcar today and it's in Illinois with arrival at mass railcar location 5/15...tracker says 3/25-6/3
  4. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    [ finally got chat person to check mine Says in production still but have tear tag..oddly there is no blend date on mine Eta June 1...hoping that will change to siiner QUOTE="FIREGROUNDIMAGES, post: 1899328, member: 32977"] I seemed to have maxed out what I could get from chat and Ford cust...
  5. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    Every time I try chat ox they tell me they can't give me any info🤪
  6. 04/17/2023 Build Week

    So mine is in production and modules have populated but I don't have a blend date or tear tag. From everything I read this seems backward?