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  1. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I liked them a lot and have no complaints about the ride quality. Most of my ride quality issues was fixed by getting rid of the strut spacer lift and going with the Dobinsons suspension. That being said, I did end up switching to a 37x12.5 a couple of months ago. I don’t feel like the ride...
  2. Why you should change your own oil

    I am a dealership technician, (not for ford) and we are not allowed to “upsell” warranty work. Meaning if a car comes in and we notice an oil leak but the customer is not complaining about it, nothing gets noted. I too advise to change your own oil if you are capable and inspect your vehicle for...
  3. M190 to M210 Front diff.

    I don’t I just have the 4hi and 4low.
  4. M190 to M210 Front diff.

    Yeah I’m pretty sure it does. There’s a little actuator on it. I was under the impression that was the fad actuator.
  5. M190 to M210 Front diff.

    Im about to swap my m190 out for the m210 this weekend. I’m not super excited about the coming to a stop to switch to 4wd but at least I’ll have a front locker now I guess. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  6. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I am running a 285/75/17. these are the pics with the best view of them that I currently have.
  7. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I'm running it with the links it came with and everything seems to fit fine. I noticed they sell longer and shorter links on their site and say they may be needed. The instructions have you assemble them and turn the ends all the way down until they stop so there is a lot more adjustment to...
  8. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I have the at3’s and absolutely love them. I’m going to Moab in April so I’ll see how they do in some more serious off-roading. I’m also curious on the rt trails because I’m contemplating getting those when I move to 37s later this year.
  9. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    Finally got everything installed today! So far I’m in love with the ride quality. I did put the rock jock anti rock sway bar on so I have a little more body roll than before. But I am super happy with the Dobinsons ims on the road. Might be a little while until I get to test it off road.
  10. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    The good news is I got them back from powdercoat. I’m still waiting on install though. I’ll be doing it myself at work and with all the other things I need to install I’ll need to take a day off of work but will be there working on my Bronco. 😂Maybe next week if I can sweet talk my manager, but...
  11. Okay, let's see them. Your favorite picture for 2023!

    Bundy hill off-road park in Michigan.
  12. Key Fob Programming MUST DO (to have fully functioning OEM key fob spares)

    I wonder if this would work for programming a key pad? I didn’t order my Bronco with the key pad so I bought it from the ford website and have yet to take it in to the dealer to program it. I may try it and see what happens.
  13. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I have the 564 for the front and the 569 for the rear. I have a lot of added weight when overlanding so hopefully I’m good with those spring. I’m planning on having a winch on the front within the next year and I’d like to move from 34s to 37s next winter. Kinda hoping the lift is enough to...
  14. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    Not yet, still waiting for the springs to get done at powdercoat. If I don’t hear anything after this week I’ll call them to check in. I’d like to get them in before the end of the month but it’s not looking promising. 😢
  15. Dobinsons Suspension Heavy Springs

    I have their full ims kit currently sitting in my garage with Icon upper control arms. I’m waiting for my springs to come back from Powdercoat as I wanted voodoo blue and not any color dobinsons offered. I’m excited to get them on and see the difference from a 2” spacer lift.
  16. Kennel Size

    I currently have an Ruffland intermediate in the back of mine and it’s got plenty of room to spare. It does have to go sideways though and I don’t have a side door so that’s kinda inconvenient. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. JcrOffroad Roof Racks are here!

    @JcrOffroad I have the full rack for my wife’s 4 door and we love it. I do have a question though. We are getting a pretty good whistle noise from what I assume is the cross bar channels at highway speeds. It was there before the roof top tent and I hoped the tent would help deflect the wind. On...
  18. 9/5/22 Build week group

    Got my baby pic today. I have had my bronco for almost a week already. But I’ll take it!
  19. 9/5/22 Build week group

    picked her up last night! New wheels and tires are already on order. I’m in love already.
  20. 9/5/22 Build week group

    I would bet tomorrow or Saturday it shows up to your dealer. I’ll cross my fingers for you. 🤞🏻