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  1. Ford brand portals

    They still look funny to me even on a Model T :)
  2. Who else is running 5.38 gearing?

    I recently upgraded to a Dana 60 with 5.38 ratio running 38s and love it vs. the 4.7. Who else is currently running with a 5.38 ratio? Did you regear, upgrade differentials, or install portals (what brand), and what size tires are you running?
  3. Need a new tailgate strut

    I installed a Hammerbuilt tailgate reinforcement and had the new strut break followed by the new strut Hammerbuilt sent me. At this point I just want to buy the strongest replacement but can't seem to find them. Any suggestions?
  4. Need shop to install Dana 44/60 near Townsend TN

    Can anyone recommend a good shop new the Super Celebration that can do a full drivetrain swap?
  5. 2.3 What's your maximum boost

    I can't seem to get above 21 psi and have run out of ideas for further gains beyond having downpipes fabricated. I am currently running intake/exhaust/Intercooler/tune. I have a water meth system that hasn't been installed yet.
  6. Hardtop - Adding exterior accessible side gullwing doors

    I remember seeing a side window setup like this that was enclosed in the rear and had the same type (or reused) side windows. I'd like to add that type. Does anyone know of such a solution? https://www.12degnorth.com/product-page/ford-bronco-6g-21-23-drivers-side-rear-window-gullwing
  7. Looking for fender delete that attaches like OEM fenders

    I offroad on narrow trails and want a set of fender deletes that will quicky snap on/off rather than dealing with lots of screws each time I wheel. Does anyone have suggestions?
  8. Downpipes for 2.3L

    I have only been able to find downpipes for the 2.7. Does anyone know of a company that sells or is developing one?
  9. Re-gearing from 4.7 to 5.38

    I moved up to 38s and considering re-gearing rather than going thru the expense of replacing my existing axles. Has anyone re-geared or upgraded their axles to get the most out of 38s?
  10. Truck bed liner on interior of tailgate

    The inner door of my tailgate has gotten scratched up and I'd like to fix it and prevent it from happening again. Has anyone used spray on truck bed liner on their tailgate?
  11. Who else has installed hydraulic bumpstops?

    Last week I had the Foutz Rear Hydraulic Bump Stop kit w/2.1 ADMs installed. I was not able to find any reviews or posts about anyone else installing this kit. I am breaking in Baer big brakes and a South Bend clutch at the same time and have nothing to post yet about the performance. I plan...
  12. Insurance Question

    I have made a considerable investment into my Bronco and want to have it insured for close to actual build cost. My current carrier is Geico who said they will not insure it beyond purchase price. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  13. Need help designing lighting switch layout

    I have a Badlands and purchased an ADD winch bumper. I will have driving lights as shown and I will have a pair of fog lights and wide driving lights on each side of a front winch mount I am installing. I have 2 banger Morimotos on the A-Pillars, and a pair of small worklights on the roof...
  14. License plate with ADD Rock Fighter Front Bumper

    Does anyone have pictures of this bumper with a front license plate attached? Is there a good hinge for a license plate frame?
  15. Suggestions for steering stabilizer

    I want to to add a steering stabilizer/damper and am looking for product recommendations.
  16. Suspension install fail

    I brought the Bronco in for an Icon stage 8 suspension...
  17. Sanity check

    My Bronco is in the shop having Icon Rebound Pros and Nitto 38s installed with a stage 8 Icon suspension. The shop told me they sent it out to a shop for alignment and it will need to have part of the bumper cut off tomorrow to get the wheels to fully turn. I need all of the flex and droop I...
  18. Front bumper with best approach angle

    I am comparing the ADD Stealth Fighter bumper and Lobo Offroad HNT front bumper. Which of these has the better approach angle? Tires are 38s.
  19. Looking for front hitch

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a front hitch? I need something solid as it will be supporting a winch.
  20. Help- Trying to find a US made tire carrier for 38s

    I will be doing a lot of rock climbing and don't want a swing gate or any type of mounting device that pushes the spare tire much further back.