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  1. The back of my driver seat just broke

    The 2dr will release differently than a 4dr since it is designed to release the sliding function and the seat back at the same time to facilitate someone gaining access to the rear seating area. As mentioned earlier simply slide the seat all the way back and both should reset.
  2. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    I purchased those pins when I took my roof and doors off for the 1st time over a month ago . I think they were $69 then so they must be popular. So far I've lucked out and it hasn't rained on my days off so I'm still running top and doorless and driving a secondary vehicle to work . . I also...
  3. Does Ford make a vehicle with working handsfree

    The Sync system always worked great in my 2020 Ranger . That was a wired connection and I love the wireless feature of the Bronco. My 2023 high pkg works great with my Samsung Z Flip5 and the Flip4 that I previously had. My wife's LG V60 and daughters Galaxy connect fine also. Funny how some...
  4. Hooke Road Customer Service Issue

    The shipper, the recipient, or a third party can file a damage claim with UPS1234. The claim must be filed within a certain time period and include proof of insurance, value, and damage52. The claim can be filed online or by phone, and the status can be viewed on the UPS Claims Dashboard2. UPS...
  5. Hooke Road Customer Service Issue

    Did you file a damage claim with the shipping company ?
  6. What is the best way to put Bronco in park

    Ford hid it where the hood release handle would be more likely to reside. If they were going to make it a pain to reach they should have at least made it automatic like the wife's Mazda CX-50. If you have the brake depressed when you put it into park then the parking brake automatically sets...
  7. Mods to Increase Fuel Economy ?

    LOL, you beat me to it. Who buys a Wildtrack or Badlands and worries about fuel economy ?
  8. Any Harley Davidson fans out there?

    Where my screen name originates from........
  9. Rear seatbelts flapping with top off -- how to fix?

    I put these on my 2dr and have been riding with top and doors off this last month with no issues. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C9D1JDKD?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details
  10. Cervini Stalker Hood

    Mine is on a non-Sas Badlands
  11. Might be the reason for soft plastics

    I think the concern would be hard plastics becoming shrapnel when the airbag explodes.
  12. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    Yep , saw that also before I ran across the actual door lift that holds the door securely. I also installed the permanent door pin guides that make it easy Peezy :) Amazon.com: EZ 4x4 Bronco Door Hinge Alignment Pin Guide Kit (2pk), Door Removal Pins for EZ Removal and Installation : Automotive
  13. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    They have taller reach ones for around $400 I think . I would just add some extensions to the wheels or get larger wheels depending on how much more height you needed .
  14. Did You Know Bronco Doors Could Be Stored Like This?

    The wall hanger works great. Well built and holds the doors perfectly. I have mine mounted low on the wall so the doors are about 2" from the floor. That makes it easy to put the doors on and off without me having to lift too much. I keep mine covered with the door bags from IAG. I also screwed...
  15. Doors Off - Issues putting them back on

    Amazon.com: ANPART Car Door Installer and Remover Jack Lift Hoist Hydraulic Car Door Mobile Rolling Door Bumper Jack Stand Dolly - Red : Automotive
  16. 2x1 Tuesday! Let's see those before & after photos.

    The day I traded in my 2020 ranger after waiting 34 months for the Bronco and the latest pics I have.
  17. 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands Area51

    With price protection my '23 2dr non-Sas Badlands 2.7 auto with High pkg was $48k. I couldn't imagine paying near 70k for it !
  18. Broaddict / Bad Product Vendor

    No excuse for them not responding to your concerns but I have read several accounts of name brand stuff here of coatings failing etc. I have gotten several things from Broaddict and have had nothing but good experiences with them . I haven't had to contact customer service though.