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  1. Do Most People That Off-road Need Lockers

    Are you buying a 4 wheel drive, or a 2-1/2 wheel drive? Since most modern vehicles don't have limited slip anymore lockers are that much more important if you want to get into the gnarly stuff, rather get back out of the gnarly stuff.
  2. 4 Door BigBend Full Send Jump!! 🚀🚀🚀

    Surprising how much it bottomed out and rubbed. You can hear it, and see the whisp of tire smoke. Would love to see the fallout on the inner fender. Shocks and bumpstops weren't enough.
  3. My SAS Badlands on the trail today, main takeaway: These tires suck!

    The Goodyear's really are meant to just look tough at the starbucks..... What tire are you considering when you upgrade? How did the limo get around K Rocks? I'd imagine some of the trails get a little snug on a very full size. Any plans to take it to maybe Disney? I'm trying to hit Disney...
  4. 2022 Bronco Raptor Height & Width Calculated Using Images

    It looks like that because that's all it is.... And a lift.
  5. FINAL UPDATE: Complete Engine Failure - SAS Big Bend - 3wk Old / 1000mi / 2.7L EcoBoost

    AWWWWW that's cute. You almost spelled that right! Keep at it Sport, you'll get there someday.
  6. Orange Wrap. 3.5" Rough Country Lift. 37" Toyo Tires. 17" Black Rhino Wheels. 🖤🙏🏽🧡

    That's what Cyber Orange should've been... Sweet looking ride. I'm not usually a stripes fan, but that offset mismatched stripe looks quite nice.
  7. Bronco Raptor engine / exhaust sound clip

    That really is pretty decent. I have a Can AM X3 so I'm used to and appreciate the "exotic" sound. That clip is nice and deep instead of the shit that a gen 2 Raptor is. Real curious what the setup is. I've always wanted to on my truck, and soon bronco to make a true dual exhaust with no...
  8. Questions On Upgrading Tires

    Some time in the next 1-84 months I'll sell you my stock badlands wheels and BFG AT's for less than what you'll pay for tires. Well documented they fit on lower trims. The tires will still have nipples on them, just the 20 or so miles to get home from the dealership.
  9. Poll V8 vs Diesel Option

    Nothing back then was exactly a powerhouse. LOL But relative to the gassers back then they were just fine.
  10. Poll V8 vs Diesel Option

    I'd take a small diesel if anyone at all could get one right. No manufacturer has made a reliable powerful and efficient small diesel in decades. Thanks a lot government bullshit.
  11. What an Antenna?

    The shark fin is for satellite radio and the likes, not AM/FM. The reason Bronco still has one is that it doesn't have permanent glass that the antenna could be built into.
  12. RCV axles m190 and m210 now available for 2021+ Bronco

    Strange they leave out Badlands w/out sasquatch, but seems the M210 is the important part. edit: Their M190 set includes badlands sansquatch... confusing.
  13. How difficult is it to install aftermarket bumpers?

    Manhandling the sheer weight of "offroad" bumpers is the hard part.
  14. 37x12.5r17 KM3s Sasquatch Badlands No Lift/Build Thread

    Sweet action. I'm planning on a 37x11.50 so I think less width may eliminate a lot of this close fitting as well. I think what is helping you and that other with very minimal rubbing is being on the stock wheels instead of something wider. It sucks the tire in a little bit on the bulge.
  15. 37x12.5r17 KM3s Sasquatch Badlands No Lift/Build Thread

    Hard to tell from pics. Is that bar on the front the mount for the crash bar? I noticed in the first pics the mount was still close, and I'm thinking just cut the crash bar mount off since crash bars will never go back on. That's what I'd do on mine personally.

    Posts about exhaust without sound clips = (n)(n)(n)
  17. Bronco Factory "Morimoto" Headlights Build at SEMA 2021

    So a wrap wheels and tires is now a SEMA "build"?