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  1. Bronco Cheat Codes List

    I changed my battery a few months ago and did not know about the reset. Should I do it now? What difference does it make?
  2. RECALL - MIC Hard Top Glass Separation (2/28/24 NHTSA # 24510/24V142)

    Had the windows separate on my 2021 a couple years back. Dealer wouldn't let me drive the vehicle. It was leaking water so they replaced the whole roof
  3. 0-60 in 4 Seconds - My 2.7 Bronco Performance Modification Thread

    Yeah my 5 second runs were with spinning all in first gear until the 1-2 shift
  4. 0-60 in 4 Seconds - My 2.7 Bronco Performance Modification Thread

    I'll be impressed with a 5 second flat 0-60. These things really scoot. On the street the best I can get with my gen 3 coyote mustang manual on e85 with a drag pack is 5.0 or 5.1 consistently. For a heavy suv to keep up is no joke
  5. Bump steering after installing Kings

    Regarding the camber, the front suspension will likely have to be torn down to bring the upper arms out. The lower will probably not be able to account for it. I've ran into the same issue on my gen 1 raptor with rpg uppers. If I knew this from the start I never would have bought their arms and...
  6. Exposed metal on beauty rings -- will it rust?

    The rings on my raptor were scraped for years and never corroded or anything. You'll be fine but touch up will make it looked better
  7. Bronco Wildtrak trunk noise -- click/popping noise every time I open the trunk or wen I go thru a pothole

    Mine was 2 peices of a broken, loose clip inside the tailgate. Had to drill out the inner plastic support to remove it
  8. When your dogs eat your bronco

    That ripped out wiring might me a major nightmare😬
  9. ProCal4 - Did I make a paperweight?

    I couldn't get my procal to connect to the ecu when trying to pull the stock file. I had to jiggle and push on the obdII plug to get a proper connection which is kinda unusual. After that it worked flawlessly
  10. Dented Raptor Hood (Saga Continued)

    You 100% deserve a new hood. I wouldn't even accept a bondo'd hood at all. I've never seen an imperfection in f150 raptor bodywork which is also fiberglass, fords glass quality is very good so I wouldn't expect that kind of imperfection. You definitely aren't being nitpicky
  11. Incognito SecureAlert

    Dang, now I can't prove that dealers don't do their job when they say they did
  12. Ford Performance Braptor Rear Brace Installed on Everglades

    I already have the KHC front brace but want to go the extra mile. Guess I'll wait for either the price to come down, get a used one or an aftermarket one will become available
  13. Ford Performance Braptor Rear Brace Installed on Everglades

    WTF😱 there's nothing special about it. Probably costs them $20 to make
  14. Ford Performance Braptor Rear Brace Installed on Everglades

    Where can I buy one? Can't find it anywhere
  15. 1500 for ding,windshield, tire and ceramic coat?

    The price isn't half bad however I wouldn't even consider any of that from a dealership. If you want protection go else where
  16. Increase Chassis Stiffness without Off-Road Compromise | Steeda Bronco Strut Tower Brace

    I guess nobody on here has seen prerunner builds with engines cages which are basically strut tower braces. The benefit I see is its going to increase the strength of the strut towers for real hard abuse

    How does it feel under braking with the kings? My stock bilstiens feel like they nose dive a ton under just regular braking, drives me nuts
  18. Nothing in catch can?

    Currently at close to 9k miles within the past 1,000 I've noticed the catch can has finally started to collect oil. I assume the engine produces more crank case pressure now for whatever reason. It has about half an inch of oil in it. I have cleaned the breather so that rules it out being clogged.