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  1. Ford did me dirty

    tough crowd
  2. Ford did me dirty

    I had a 4 door hard top on order with all the options I wanted. um no harm in buying off the lot never knowing if we were actually getting our order. I was told there was a good chance the order would be canceled. The one I bought I had spent thousand on it with upgrades. It was not a money...
  3. Ford did me dirty

    MSA Ford is where i had the vehicle ordered from. They called and said ford put me on a do not sell list.
  4. Ford did me dirty

    ah sorry, no reason to brag not my intention in the least.
  5. Ford did me dirty

    Ha sorry Mustang GT's
  6. Ford did me dirty

    Not quite sure, will be looking into this? I am assuming they do not transfer it into their name and sell it with my title.
  7. Ford did me dirty

    Yes it would have been my 3rd Bronco.
  8. Ford did me dirty

    Well I contacted Ford as well so yes they both did me dirty
  9. Ford did me dirty

    Just stating that I have been a loyal customer over the years.
  10. Ford did me dirty

    I had been waiting for a year for my Bronco so I thought I would buy one off the lot. I bought a 2 door and quickly determined I needed a 4 door. I go to a ford dealership and trade it in for a 4 door soft top. I go about my business and get a call that my Bronco is built and will be leaving...
  11. California Badlands Grille For Sale

    i will buy it for 275 plus shipping if its available
  12. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Finally added some goodies.
  13. Show 33's some love picture thread

    BFG KO2 A/T TA
  14. Show 33's some love picture thread

    1” Zone Off-road level lift 33” N-fab steps
  15. Base Model Bronco Thread

    Picked up my base last weekend. PPF on the hood cowl to be a little different. Rear door windows tinted. RTR Wheels with 33" BFG A/T TA next week N-Fab Side Steps Next Week Zone Offroad Level Lift next week Some other goodies on order. Looking for LED headlight take offs, Badlands Grille and a...
  16. Area 51 Base Build...

    Just picked up another Bronco, I saw a Base with very few options and thought lets build one. The build started today. -Paint Correction -Ceramic coat and some PPF -Black Tailgate emblem -Rubber Mats all around What are the thoughts on the partial PPF hood instead of the graphic. This weekend...
  17. Base Model Owners: Official Thread

    Had an order for a Badlands in the system a carryover from 2022. So I walked into my ford store in Canada and made the changes.
  18. Base Model Owners: Official Thread

    Ordered a base 2 door today, hope its not a year to receive. Usually I buy the top model but gonna try something different and build it myself. 2.3L 7speed Aux switches Metal Bumper Azure Gray Parts in Garage: Oem Side Steps Brush Guard 33" BFG At/TA 17" fifteen 52 Wheels Rigid A Pillar lights
  19. Colorado Badlands take offs

    are they sold
  20. Colorado Badlands take offs

    I will take them for 500 total and I will pay for the shipping on my fedex acct. email if interested razor.bc at gmail.com