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  1. Decent recovery rope for not a lot of $$$?

    After all the advice posted here, your take away was that you should buy a tow strap for recoveries?
  2. Decent recovery rope for not a lot of $$$?

    Most recovery straps stretch closer to 20%. I have this one for example: https://www.princessauto.com/en/3-in-x-20-ft-27000-lb-recovery-strap/product/PA0008021026
  3. Decent recovery rope for not a lot of $$$?

    If it's for a just in case pull out of a ditch, grab a 3"x20ft recovery strap (not tow strap) from you preferred hardware store when it goes on sale. It does not need to be a high dollar kinetic recovery rope. You will also need to consider that many cars don't have good recovery points, so...
  4. 15" wheels MAY fit

    That's really tight! It's unlikely, but possible a rock could get wedged between the caliper and wheel, and wear a groove, to the point of failure. Possible with larger size wheels as well, I suppose you would just need a bigger rock. As I said, unlikely, but potentially more likely with...
  5. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Said differently, when the torque at the wheel is the same, there is less load carried by the components before the portal.
  6. Ford Performance Debuts Bronco 4600 Race Trucks

    Yup, I had one of these lifts in the past on a midsize pickup. The truck had great approach, breakover, and departure angles, but that skid plate below the front differential took a serious beating.
  7. Bronco Raptor review video by TFL

    The biggest surprise for me was increased towing capacity. Cool.
  8. Poll who wants the new Ford Bronco Raptor?

    Capability - great Appearance - not great Price / Availability - bad* *speculation
  9. Plow Options?

    Yeah, I agree for those with properties at higher elevation, and receive a lot of snow fall, a tractor with a blower on it is the way to go. With plowing, you can quickly run out of room to push the snow to, when you receive 5-10+ ft of snow. However with blowing, that's much less of a problem.
  10. Plow Options?

    I was shopping for tractors as an option for my personal snow removal needs. I concluded they were way to large of an investment for only personal snow clearing about a dozen times a year. I have no other use for a tractor. If you're running a business, and making money off of it, maybe the...
  11. Plow Options?

    I'm in my second season of using my main ride (half ton pickup) to plow my driveway. It's only for personal use, so I don't drive around with it, which avoids all kinds of issues. Just cleared 14" yesterday, and another few today.
  12. Lite Brite Bronco Crawls Fawlty Towers

    I really enjoyed this video. It highlights how well a stock vehicle can do with sensible drivers behind the wheel, listening to their spotters. It also highlights how you can run into reliability issues if you lift your rig, giving it too much suspension droop, and romp on it.
  13. My first 24hrs: snow storm, freezing rain and a bit of snow inside!

    When does the one-piece fixed-roof Bronco come out? Maybe Ford could get that one right.
  14. 80 MPH Winds Tests Limits of Bronco Soft Top

    So weird eh? One of the comments in this super long thread was something like "I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't stand these two." They felt happy and validated when someone else disliked the same entertainment content they disliked. OK.
  15. 80 MPH Winds Tests Limits of Bronco Soft Top

    The wind noise in the cabin would have driven me insane. I would have had to wear ear plugs.
  16. 4 Door BigBend Full Send Jump!! 🚀🚀🚀

    Yes, you have gotten old.
  17. Portable air compressor

    I went just a little smaller with the 300P, as I only had 32" tires to inflate. I've had mine near 10 years, and it has been very useful, and very dependable. I use it for a wide variety of inflation needs, and even for blowing out the water lines in my travel trailer when I winterize it.
  18. Pics of (almost) all the SEMA Broncos In One Thread

    I think the sunset Bronco looks amazing. I'm also really impressed by the fenders on the blue Rhino Rack Bronco.
  19. My 2021 Ford Bronco 4 Dr Big Bend at Sema 2021

    What is the plan for this Bronco after the show?