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  1. Experience with Griots 3 in 1 Ceramic Spray Wax on MIC Top?

    I agree with what @Dan-O and others have said; Griot’s Garage are great products, however, this particular product did not correct an issue I had similar to yours. What worked for me was the Cerakote Ceramic Trim coating. That took care of the uneven shading on my top. It’s a great product but...

    Sure. I’ll bite! Following on IG 👇
  3. Modular bumper

    Try “Steel-It” if they refuse to cover it under warranty. It’s a “powder coat like” coating in a $40 rattle can that works wonders, but has to be applied properly. I have used it on metal bumpers before with great results.
  4. Arb Twin compressor and Factory AUX switches

    All good. I assumed people knew more about the whole thing and figured I didn’t need to go into details. Maybe I should’ve taken the time to be more specific. Again, my bad.
  5. Arb Twin compressor and Factory AUX switches

    I can see that lol. Apologies if I am the culprit. It was never my intention.
  6. Arb Twin compressor and Factory AUX switches

    There are two harnesses that come with the ARB compressor, well at least mine came with them. There’s the thick harness that has the little fuse box and thicker gauge wire that connects to the battery and there’s the much thinner switch cable that you use with the supplied ARB switch. That’s the...
  7. Arb Twin compressor and Factory AUX switches

    I am well aware of the compressor’s amp ratings and the Bronco’s wire gauge size/rating and all the possible implications of my decision to run it in such a way. Realizing that I merely need the compressor for such a menial task as filling up tires, had a lot to do with my decision. At least in...
  8. Arb Twin compressor and Factory AUX switches

    This is not necessarily 100% accurate. Yes it’s true the dual compressor draws a lot, but I wired mine to run from AUX 6, no relay or ancillary devices. Just straight tap into the aux cabling. It’s been over a year and I have yet - knock on wood - to experience any issues of any kind (electrical...
  9. Am I being too paranoid?

    That’s classic PTSD brother. Not paranoia. The headrest saved your life even though it snapped. Had it been nonexistent, the whiplash could’ve killed you. As many others have said, short of switching to a Recaro type seat, I don’t believe you’ll find much else out there. I would try to find a...
  10. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Gotcha. Which bolts would you recommend then? Size? Source? Thank you!
  11. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    Longer bolts? Is the FP diff cover considerably thicker than the OEM one? I’m also about to perform this maintenance and cover swap and want to make sure I have everything I need. I’ve been watching this thread grow quick and also agree @CarbonSteel has put together a tremendous aid for us on here!
  12. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    @popo_patty Thanks for sharing gent. I watched the whole video and I appreciate the lessons in it. Glad you walked out in one piece and can share your experience with the community. Very fortunate indeed! Many blessings to you.
  13. Exterior Trim Trail Armor - Front and Rear Corners

    Planning on getting aftermarket fenders and quarter panels and wrapping the whole Bronco for protection so I won’t be needing them and they’re probably not going to fit anyway.
  14. Exterior Trim Trail Armor - Front and Rear Corners

    I can sell you mine, both front and back, brand new still in the box if you still want them after reviewing everyone’s opinions. I told the dealer not to install them and they just handed me the boxes. Never got around to put them on. DM me with an offer if you’re interested.
  15. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    Unless these are on another level of heavy duty, I don’t think that’s the case. The tie rods in the HOSS 3.0 are already the Ford Performance ones that are standard on BRaptor. Picture shows what looks to be the case. Maybe this severe duty rack is aimed to owners w/o the 3.0 components.
  16. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    What’s the difference between this severe duty steering rack and the stock rack that comes in the ‘23 WT? For some reason I’m thinking it’s the same? Isn’t this the 3.0 rack? What components are different?