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  1. Colorado 2023 2 Door Ford Bronco Base Manual Sasquatch $45,000

    i have an identical one..minus the color
  2. Arizona 2023 2 Door Bronco - Manual - SAS - Base - Gray - Factory Stock - 3,500 Miles 45k

    Scottsdale, AZ private sale. 2023 Bronco Base 2D with SAS, MANUAL transmission. 7 speed manual engine with 3k miles. Title in hand (car is paid off). 50k VIN 1FMDE5CHXPLB27277 AZ has no tax for private sales and is up to the buyer to declare the purchase price
  3. GOAT Fab Sliders are better than expected!

    Looks like 25% off FALLSALE coupon is already active. I'll be using 25% off WINTERJOY you'll be running around holidays If not ill use 25% off SPRINGRUSH that you'll have around tax time
  4. In Transit title?

    Thats why Granger starts requesting tax on pick up
  5. CBI or RCI for frame mounted sliders?

    I don't know who Scott is or what he told you. All I know is I'm 12 weeks in and nothing to show. When I placed my order it was 6 weeks wait time. Once the 6 weeks were up I emailed and was told 8 weeks wait time. I'm already 12 weeks , heard nothing from RCI and I just gave up on them . They...
  6. nvm

    I don't know. My 03 mustang has everything inside the shell.
  7. nvm

  8. When does Price protection/Private offer populate?

    Ford marketing has to have something for you. My certs were avail months before bronco was delivered
  9. Seat belt recall bureaucracy holding up Bronco delivery

    Not safe to legally drive . Nobody would drive it but not sure if or when gets fixed
  10. When does Price protection/Private offer populate?

    Ford marketing should have your certificate info if you qualify . Rest of priceprotections you have to ask the dealer to take them off msrp if you negotiated that. Anything else negotiated is between you and the dealer. Read what you signed in 21

    They also get invoiced by Ford before taking ownership of the car. If the car is on Granger lot was paid by dealer . Ford is making money now with this recall. And by the time the recall will be fixed the certificates will expire and 24 will be released . My bet is, not everyone will get their...
  12. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    Not a disaster for Ford..so the way it works , dealers have to pay for the cars to get them on their lot. The car belongs to Chapman not to Ford. Ford is doing aight and this time the loss falls on the dealers ..Ford has no incentive to fix anything . 24 happens soon anyway . Q4 is just a random...
  13. When does Price protection/Private offer populate?

    Hoe do you know you qualify ? When was your order date ?
  14. Transitions Private Offer - Conflicting Information

    Transitional offer is exactly what it says it is : a year transition offer for previous years orders built in 23. What you get is not a transitional offer since you never had an order prior to March of 23. Not sure what you'll receive if anything at all ( 4 months old order should not qualify...
  15. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Not true..that would be an extra save for changing models completely different than what certificate gave. Many didn't change anything even if we were told orders will never be built and we got built and qualified for certificate
  16. Chapman Of Horsham with @dealerinsider

    4 door only, it seems Yours has the cracked long block for certain build dates . I' have the same engine 2.3 l and mid match to sometimes in May builds are impacted. Ford keeps us on our toes