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  1. Bronco vs Rivian R1T Pics!

    Got these images out of the blue, pretty cool comparison! Honestly makes the Rivian seem a bit smaller than I thought initially. Definitely a bit less ostentatious than the Tesla offering as well lol.
  2. John Bronco rides again!

    I got a heads up that this was just sent to dealers! The famous Bronco pitchman is at it again! Check out this exclusive pre-screening of Imagine Documentaries “John Bronco Rides Again” available until 12:01am EST on Monday September 13, when it officially debuts on Hulu. Link...
  3. First 2021 Bronco solid front axle (SFA) swap + 40's!

    Well, a madman has done it. A bronco on 40’s and with a SFA swap! He says tons of other plans to come, I’m most curious about the link geometry and how it all came together. Looks pretty sweet!
  4. Livestream to discuss tops at 5:00 Eastern today!

    Livestream: Hey guys, so this has been going on in the background for the past 24 hours, and now that we have a time *somewhat* set in stone I wanted to loop y'all in. There is going to be a live stream to discuss the announcement, and what's happening going forward. Bronco Nation was nice...
  5. Road and Track article about Warthog

    Nothing too interesting except discussion it having both the 3.0 standard and hybrid. Now THAT would be cool, maybe the more “base” warthogs will be relatively affordable?. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a37001912/2023-ford-bronco-raptor/ I gotta say a 37” tire, portal long arm, 3.0 hybrid...
  6. Bronco6G interviews with Ford Bronco team at media launch event

    Hey guys, sorry it took me a bit to get around to this, been insanely busy these past few weeks with work and just got back from a wedding. I obviously talked with a TON of Ford people at the media off-roadeo event, and just wanted to give you guys some information and impressions of some of the...
  7. NickP’s First Drive impressions review of the 2021 Bronco! [Video]

    Update: Sorry it’s taken so much time guys, I have had an absolutely insane week at work and traveling, and just haven’t had time to sit down and write. Here are my written initial first impressions, if y’all want any clarification just let me know! Intro: The new Ford Bronco is going to draw...
  8. Extremely detailed video about how messed up the global supply chain is

    Full disclosure, it’s 20 minutes but worth watching all the way through. Based on this, I’m honestly impressed Ford is able to build any Broncos at all. Really gives some context about what our friends in the supply chain are dealing with. Also gives me some hope that the lessons of the pandemic...
  9. Classic Broncos still needed for Chicago auto show!

    Hey guys, a rep from Bronco Nation reached out to me and said they would love for any Bronco6G members with a classic Bronco to have it featured at the Chicago auto show, figured I’d pass along the message! https://thebronconation.com/10-early-broncos-needed-for-ford-built-wild-display/
  10. JL writeup

    Well guys I just got done driving a 2018 JL Rubicon for an hour on the highway and surface streets. Just some of my main takeaways: (For reference I have a 2010 Wrangler as a baseline for comparison.) -Ride quality is a drastic improvement. I would describe a Jeep’s ride quality as “feeling...
  11. Tesla Model S Plaid does 0-60 in 1.98 seconds

    That is an incomprehensible number. Just insanity.
  12. Matt’s Off Road Recovery does the Rubicon in their Corvair

    Honestly I’m less impressed in doing the rubicon itself and moreso that they didn’t trailer that thing. That’s a LONG drive in a trail rig on 40’s and tons. 11.5 MPG ain’t too shabby at all either!
  13. Thank God Ford bit off more than they could chew

    Man, I hate to have to make this thread. I 100% get the frustration and disappointment, it’s upsetting to not know when we are getting our rides. But I think that stepping back for a little bit of perspective on this whole thing can help people soothe their minds a little bit. Why are we so...
  14. Rest In Peace to Joe from AZ Offroad Recovery

    Joe, the founder/Owner of AZ OffRoad Recovery passed away last night from Covid. For any of y’all here who are in the off road community I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Joe, if not been helped out by him. Truly a staple of our community for literally decades, it honestly makes me sad to know...
  15. Let’s talk about something SUPER fun: Stadium Super Truck Bronco?

    Seeing a lot of the downtrodden posts on here these past few weeks has gotten me down a bit, so I got inspired to post about something fun. Now I don’t know if you guys were aware of Stadium Super Trucks(I wasn’t) but if not here’s the gist: So here’s my question: How do we get a Bronco...
  16. Sweet video from Loren Healy demonstrates difference a front locker makes on Badlands Bronco Sasquatch

    Those trail/ridge grapplers definitely make a difference too. I have a feeling the stock Sasquatch tires are leaving the dealership in the back for me😂
  17. Ford WWII GP on display in Moab

    From our main man Mike Levine on Twitter. Jeep is probably big mad they have this out there I love it lol.
  18. My first Bronco, 1986 Bronco II

    Just found this bad boy for $800. My dad agreed to go 50/50 on it as our first project car, should be fun! I hardly even know where to start lol, but this thing should turn out pretty sweet!
  19. Bronco engineered to beat Wrangler's VCI (traversing soft terrain) according to member on Wranglerforums

    Found this post extremely interesting in regards to solid axle vs. IFS, and where Ford is coming from with their design. I’m by no means a suspension expert and had never even heard of VCI, but Erik Latranyi who wrote the posts said I was welcome to share his posts over here. Thanks to him and...