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  1. Winching vs Pulling Deadfall

    I pulled 4' concrete deck footings out of the ground with a recovery strap and backing up. Just be smart about what you are doing. A free tree just laying in the road, pulling it off should be no sweat forwards or backwards in the bronco. Main reason why pulling is better is related to safety...
  2. Apparently this isn't considered warranty

    Harness rubbing through is warranty every day. They build them to not rub, so if it does rub it is a manufacturing or design defect making it warranty.
  3. Does Ceramic Window Tint really Work?

    Ceramic tint can reject the most heat for a non-metallic film. You can get heavier metallic films but they are darker and cell phone or any radio inside the vehicle will suffer. Ceramic Tints pass RF Frequencies so no additional decrease in signal is caused by ceramic tints.
  4. Kinda Dumb Off-Roadeo Policy

    The problem is you aren't talking to a human so they are taking your writing very specific. Here is what you do to ensure you create a problem that they can solve. Right no you are asking hypothetical things,and all they can do is say no. You have an account right now with 2 vins. Pick which...
  5. Why do some Broncos have more rear tow hooks?

    My guess is Ford didn't test them to get the rated. Did the hooks you purchased provide any information on the bolts or other mounting needed to support the published rating? I really like the frame reinforcement support that Lobo Offroad has in some of their parts for the Bronco like their...
  6. Why do some Broncos have more rear tow hooks?

    I think it depends on what you consider recovery. I don't think there are enough strong fasteners used with them to withstand a dynamic recovery. If you were going to just pull on that hook with constant pressure, it should stay together if the bronco weight is mobile and not pulling up a steep...
  7. My Experience With Ford Mobile Service

    The person I talked to when scheduling a mobile service recall said that Ford was funding the mobile service. That the dealer received money for each service call that essentially paid for the costs of providing the service.
  8. Who has used their Rock Sliders - do they work?

    I saw that video. What I noticed: #1 - They tried to keep the rock on the hoop. #2 - That rock was loose; most you run into on the trail will not push out of the way. #3 - The slider deformed under the stress of that point load of the rock on the slider. They got closer to the body. Here is...
  9. Next Venture Motorsports Full Belly Skids tested at Moab

    A question. I see in photos they do have steel on top of the aluminum in a few places to reinforce things. I would love if you report over time how that area takes impacts. Depending on your wheel base and the obstacle, the vehicle can drop down onto those skids, not just slide over things...
  10. Who has used their Rock Sliders - do they work?

    I'm looking at the wide variety of rock sliders available out there for the Bronco, and based on my experience so far, I really wonder if some of them are effective. In my region, much of the rocks I experience are stones or boulders that might be big, but also might be just small enough to get...
  11. What is that part called? Or, where can I get it?

    It's probably a JIS tapered pipe. Take it to the hardware store and see if you can get an adapter. The coupler style looks like a non standard coupler for the US market as well. JIS tapered pipe is also very odd.
  12. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Took the grandkids to their last day of school with the roof and doors off
  13. 2-Door Nerf Steps?

    Alright and update on the Tac steps. Last year I was offroading and landed on a rock that squished the tube a bit. This past weekend I was offroad again and ended up getting into rocks and a big tree, and the steps were hung up. Here is the results. For the price they've been perfect, but if I...
  14. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    Not that easy by yourself unless you have the door bags. Just be patient and take care.
  15. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    This past weekend up at the Iron Range Offroad Recreational Area in Minnesota. A tree and some rocks made no more mudflaps and my nerf bars are simply in the way. I need some serious rock sliders if I plan to try those rocks again. Steepest elevation change was 28 degrees. Got hung up on the...
  16. Off-Road Air Compressors: An Overview & Comparisons (video)

    With a CO2 system, other than taking off the valve stem cap and putting it back on, it takes about 30 seconds per tire to go from 12psi to 35psi on the sasquatch tires.
  17. Wheeling Wednesday!!! Let's see those Broncos off-road!

    2024 MN Season starts this week. From last year
  18. 2-Door Bronco Sasquatch Moab Flat Iron Mesa Elephant Hill

    Looks good. What air pressure were you at? The tires look pretty firm and with the right tires the Bronco should just walk up that.
  19. Maiden Solo Off-Road and Camping Voyage in Bronco

    In the future I recommend airing down to at least 15psi. Sounds like you have CO2 so no big deal airing all the way back up to 38. At 20psi, it's still going to be a lot more rough than it will at 15 or even 12. I did some research last year and here is the thread with some valuable data...
  20. Help me understand the fuel economics of gasoline containers?

    One place where I have gone is about 10 miles from a gas station. At that offroad park I arrived with 3/4 of tank of fuel. I spent about 3 hours driving around, over obstacles, around obstacles, and just generally had fun. No high speed runs. My odometer showed I went 8 miles at that place...