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  1. Who's using the RC high winch mount?

    Nice! So... Quick question. Did you have to pull the bumper to install 'em?
  2. FORM Projector Headlight Review (Diode Dynamics)

    Yeah, hopefully get it taken care of Monday 🤞🏻
  3. FORM Projector Headlight Review (Diode Dynamics)

    I knew this was bound to Happen with these.... My driver's side halo ring stopped working today. These are just a few months old! Not to mention the flicker whenever the auto stop start cycles or the jittering output like the entire head light is shaking while driving over pavement cracks. Ugh!
  4. Who's using the RC high winch mount?

    I did a vid on the install to my 2024 Heritage. Curious if anyone is using/not using frame horn braces with this or similar aftermarket winch? Thoughts?
  5. Doors filling with Water....? 😡

    I don't know... This was with the Bronco being parked outside! No rain driving...no power washer... It only drains out when you open the doors! Ugh!
  6. Doors filling with Water....? 😡

    Must have been what the Ford engineers thought too! 😂
  7. Best floor mats for washout floors?

    Current Bronco is carpet... Last Bronco was wash-out. Mats work in both 🤷
  8. 4-door half rack on 2-door?

    Not "just like" I suspect. I imagine the front clamps on the 2 door aren't very deep in that groove? Probably just enough for stability but I bet it doesn't add any capability. If you find a 4 door halfy, you might only need to trim that clamp piece down a bit 🤞🏻😬🤞🏻
  9. Disappointing RCI roof rack…

    I have a Valkyrie rack on my Heritage... On my last Bronco, a Badlands, it rattled and squeaked and creaked when loaded down. But it was solid. All that noise came from slight movement at the mounting points, obviously... And wore INTO the mic top eventually. With the painted Heritage roof...
  10. 4-door half rack on 2-door?

    The 4 door roof has two clamp slots per side. The 2 door only has one slot 🤷
  11. Best floor mats for washout floors?

    I prototyped the Tuxmat floor mats for the 2 door. Best mats IMHO
  12. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    This one is a little special as well, for all the wrong reasons...
  13. Put any cool / unique vinyl decals on your Bronco? Let's see them!

    Not what you're thinking but, my 1st vinyl
  14. Doors filling with Water....? 😡

    Surely I'm not the only one... Here is my 2024 Heritage 2 door, parked during a light shower today. Not only is water easily getting INTO the doors, but the drain holes are COVERED when the doors are shut!
  15. Ford QC gone down hill...

    I suspect that maybe QC had to adjust the hood for proper body gaps at final inspection? But, you probably don't want to look at your door and tailgate hinges either, at this point lol
  16. Ford QC gone down hill...

    So you loosened the hood bolts and broken the paint seal....? You understand how vehicles are top coated, right?
  17. CR ranks Bronco @ 46/100 on Lowest Ranked Cars list

    It's not going to score high because of inherit issues to the design... But twice as good as a Wrangler? Sounds 'bout right 👍🏻
  18. May Exclusive Deals on The Rear Door Tailgate Table!

    I like this! 2 levels... Front pull-out 🤘🏻😁🤘🏻
  19. Turn winch plate with frame horn reinforcement

    Taking a quick peek behind my Heritage bumper... Looks like the bumper/fogs have to come off to be able to mount/drill for these....? Dang... Because I don't have sensors, I think i can mount my winch plate without having to take off the bumper.