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  1. Meet the new FordPass® Rewards with "Tier Activities"

    Similar issue here, didn't recognize my login, changed it twice - now it's back to what it was. Now, however, there's no Bronco associated with my account. I still have points and past orders but no Bronco. It just keeps getting better, good job Ford.
  2. MY’23 misbuild front plastic vs. steel bash plates gets a “Customer Satisfaction Program”

    Our '23 OBX SAS came with all steel and we got the letter too. You would think it would say "If" it was built with plastic bring it to your dealer but it's worded like all are affected, clearly not.
  3. HOT PEPPER RED Bronco Club

    If anyone is wondering what HPR shackles look like, here you go. We had a paint defect in the A-pillar that somehow made it out of the factory, when I took it to the body shop (no body shop at our dealer) I asked them to prep and spray the shackles too.
  4. How many have Line-X there MIC hard tops???? Good Move????

    We wanted to just to reduce one of the 50 shades of gray but none of the dealers within a 100 miles of us would do it, they only want the quick turnaround, heavy textured bed liners. One dealer did show us his Jeep hood that he sprayed and even with the UV protection it had noticeably faded...
  5. Rusty undercarriage-about to take delivery!

    Our '23 looked exactly the same on the day we took delivery, also quickly built and shipped.
  6. Bronco First-Year Review Pics & Video : Couldn't be any happier!

    Great story and pics! Would love to spend some time with The King! I was at Seymour from 84-94, F4's to F15's, back shop avionics. Multiple trips to the sand box.
  7. New “Mabett” Raptor Style Fog Lights for modular bumper

    Me too, this actually looks like it belongs in the opening. I'm sure the higher end lights are better but none, to me, look like they belong there.
  8. Hood ajar notification while driving down the road?

    Add me to the list, happened while parked in my driveway, '23 OBX delivered on 12/23. The alarm button on the remote stopped the horn and It cleared after I opened and closed the hood. Questions: How long will the horn blow if I'm not there to hit the remote? Will the "Horn & Lights" button in...
  9. Wait time from Built to Delivery

    11/18 blend, 12/6 built, delivered 12/23 to south Louisiana. As noted above, there's too many unknown factors.
  10. PSA: Beauty Ring Bolts -- Removal Issues & Replacement Cost - BE AWARE!

    Well, I intended to remove, paint and replace them myself but I'm thinking now I'll just order the black trim rings from the dealer and let them replace them and deal with it.
  11. What is the most fun to drive vehicle you have ever owned? 6G Bronco for me

    In all fairness the OBX is still in transit but my 71 C3 is a blast. I'm sure it was considered fast 50 years ago and most any newer car will outrun it, but no way will it out cool it. And yes, the corvette tax is real too.....
  12. Finally...

    Long time lurker, wife and I are day 3 reservation holders, 99'd for the mod top, order placed on 10/6/22 and it was immediately scheduled. OBX SAS, HPR, 2.7, high, tow. Blend was on 11/18, it changed to "shipped" on 12/6 but who knows if it's actually left. Had a '79 bronco but haven't done...
  13. Never got your assembly line photo? Maybe someone has a match!

    New here, 11/18 blend, supposedly "shipped" 12/6, still waiting. OBX SAS, HPR, 2.7, high, tow