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  1. Can I use FordPass App to track shipping??

    I searched but found nothing. My Bronco is scheduled to be built next week. I've entered the VIN into my app. Will it show-up once the modules populate, and can I track its location on the train when the time comes? (They are no longer giving out rail car numbers.)
  2. Dealer can’t select modular bumper on re-order

    While doing my reorder on my Black Diamond, my dealer is telling me the option for the modular bumper is grayed-out and unselectable. Any way to change that?
  3. Soft top warranty repair time frame

    About two months ago I showed my dealer the delamination occurring to the inside top of my soft top. The service dept. took a few pictures, and a few days later they called and said it will be replaced under warranty. Parts arrived today. Anyone know if Ford is just replacing the top canvas...
  4. Specific Tire Question... Stock Big Bend to Badlands 33"

    I understand tires just enough to get myself into trouble. I want to upgrade my stock Big Bend tires, but I have a non-sasquatch Badlands with 33" on order. I want a more aggressive tread for my trip out west this summer, and I want to be able to move these new tires to the Badlands when/if it...
  5. How many miles is too many to start 5-tire rotation?

    I haven't rotated my tires and now have 7,000 miles. Having never done a 5-tire rotation, I'm not sure if it's too late to start. Thoughts??
  6. What happens when "Price Protection" ends?

    Hear me out... So if/when price protection ends after '23, do the people that had early reservations but still don't have a Bronco have any legal recourse? In this scenario there would be actual financial damages incurred through no fault of the buyer. Some early reservation holders would have...
  7. Advice needed... Does modifying the BB decrease or increase the potential trade-in value?

    Quick background info: 11/2020 Badlands res/order with Granger - gonna be 5-7 years 12/2021 Badlands order with local dealer (because of above situation) - gonna be 2-4 years Bought very basic Big Bend at MSRP because my F150 was going to die. Question: Does modifying the BB...
  8. Strange noise coming from 4 wheel drive??

    This weekend I was driving in 2H at 30 mph, suddenly there was a strange noise coming from under my Big Bend. As I slowed the noise slowed. It was not engine related. I pulled over and the noise stopped. I hit the 4H button to see what would happen. Several warning messages popped-up. I cleared...
  9. A Confession: I was a fool

    As a fifth grade teacher I spend plenty of time talking to 11 year olds about fairness, kindness, right, and wrong. Like many of you, over a year ago I reserved a Bronco. I had never heard of allocations, ADM, or @mrlevine. I thought I’d place my $100 deposit, get in line, and wait my turn...
  10. Any guesses on how long the last reservation holder will have to wait??

    Today is my 400th day. I know there are plenty of you approaching 550 days. I figure I'm looking at a wait time of at least 800 days. And that's if Ford ever completes my dealer change request. (8 weeks and counting) There will likely be Granger people waiting well over 2,000 days. How long...
  11. Forget Allocations, Reservations and Walk-ups. I have a better idea...

    (fyi - this is satire, a joke, for fun and distraction) It's time for BRONCO JEOPARDY!!! For months we've been seeing lovely people purchase their Bronco and then ask some very basic questions about what they bought. Examples: Where are my power seats, Why don't I have cupholders in the back...
  12. How did you celebrate your one-year Bronco Reserversary??

    I know I was late to the party, but one year ago today (Nov. 5) I reserved my Bronco. I know I'll be waiting at least another 12-16 months. Do I celebrate or crawl-up into a ball and cry?
  13. Have you changed dealers this week?

    Has anyone actually been able to change their dealer since the new allocations announcement? I can't get through on the Ford customer service line, so I'm not even sure if they will allow it despite Mr. Levine's repeated suggestions to change dealers.
  14. Engine Block Heater Plug Location??

    Does anyone have a picture of where the plug is located for the block heater? I know they usually come from behind the bumper, but I'm curious if that's true for the Bronco. Thanks
  15. Block Heater Plug Location??

    I'm guessing the block heater plug will come out of the bottom of the grill, but has anyone actually seen it?
  16. Do people actually believe the dealer??

    I see so many people being excited about being #X out of #Y for their dealer allocation. Even I know this isn’t accurate, and I have a November reservation. 🤷‍♂️ Hello, 2022!!
  17. To those that get your Bronco this summer...

    You are hereby notified that you are legally and morally expected and required to make almost daily posts and videos of your new acquisition and adventures. I'm looking at a wait of at least another 14 months, so my soul will need a lot of support. I know I won't be alone. Throw us a Bronco bone!
  18. I miss STIG.

    I've been quarantining at home for almost two weeks. This has been a nightmare without him. :cry:
  19. Dirty Dealing?? - What would you do?

    A friend that doesn’t even have a reservation, has told me a local dealer is offering to let them take a canceled July reservation. I know it’s not supposed to happen, but it won’t effect my order because it’s not my dealer. Mostly I’m jealous because they could get their Bronco before me...
  20. How do I get X plan pin?

    I have searched. I know Ford isn’t honoring X-plan discount, but my dealer is. So how do I get in on the dealer discount for X-plan? Do I join a Ford cult? Sacrifice an air filter? Thanks!