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  1. Which DD SS3 lights

    With most other pods the wire harness connects to a female Deutch connector that hangs on a foot long pigtail. This allows for better installation options in tight places, visually cleaner install, and better shielding the connection point from the elements. With DD the harness plugs into a...
  2. Which DD SS3 lights

    Don't have factory wiring on the BD with the HD bumper (apparently HD bumper + mid package = no fog wiring. Why so many dumb decisions @Ford Motor Company, why? :facepalm: ) but I have the aux switches so running the wiring is trivial. The 4x4truckleds kits are too much. Only a single fog...

    How much trash are we talking about. I use this, hangs off the headrest. Enough to last me a few days in the back country. Closes off well enough to contain odors from my typical refuse. Your typical rear tire trash hauler seems targeted to people who need a month worth of trash storage. High...
  4. Which DD SS3 lights

    I am normally a budget LED kind of guy, but feel that for something with critical functionality such as fog lights it is worth paying up a bit. Have decided that next time DD runs a 20 off promo will get SS3 amber SAE pods with a fog pattern. However I am unclear if there is any point in buying...
  5. Found On Road Dead

    WFH likely
  6. Spare tire - cover or no cover? Pros / cons?

    What co er is that? I despise the saggy look of most tire covers, which yours does not have.
  7. What’s your pick for Modular bumper fog lights?

    Most vehicles have a single set of fog projectors. Why does the B6G community feel obligated to install 3 pairs (which is illegal by the way in quite a few states)? Just to fill out the pockets? Anyone installed singlets from the more reputable Amazon brands that dont break the bank? Both...
  8. Bronco build quality

    Drove a JK for 10 years before the Bronco. The interior did feel indestructible but as far as chintzy... both are cheap crap that is not becoming how much you pay for them. The thing that has shocked me about the Bronco the most is the amount of manually applied electricians tape around...
  9. More Than Just Parks - Canyonlands National Park 8K Video

    Will not work this year. Access is by a time bound pass only AFAIK during the summer. Winter outside the week between Xmas and NYE is best.
  10. More Than Just Parks - Canyonlands National Park 8K Video

    Such a powerful and apt analogy!
  11. Update: Roadshock 3" flood pod install with night time trail pics

    Warning only. That means a ticket next time a bored cop stops me for any reason. I was unable to find covers for the HF side shooters at a reasonable price so I bought Auxbeam floods and replaced them, have the Roadshocks listed at $40 for anyone in the San Diego area who may be interested...
  12. Apparently this isn't considered warranty

    One of the things that amazed me about the Bronco from Day 1 is the liberal use of manually and sloppily applied electricians' tape. Never seen anything like it on any other vehicle I have owned, including the JK that preceded the Bronco.
  13. More Than Just Parks - Canyonlands National Park 8K Video

    The herd goes to Arches and Deadhorse and mostly ignores Canyonlands (except for Mesa Arch, which is a clusterf**k in its own right especially at sunrise). Lovely place to visit and explore mostly in peace if you are willing to get a bit off the paved roads. White Rim is not hard core, but I...
  14. Kilmat sound deadening in the rear cargo floor install

    Dunno... Did the same when I was pulling out my fake sub and replacing it with a kicker and did not notice anything in particular. Also put a dB meter to it before and after and it was something like 1-2dB difference. Did not fill the sub with poly and am getting some rattles but not about to...
  15. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    Don't have any money left for delivery service after paying for the Bronco 😱
  16. ADV Production Modular Hardtop!

    That is generally true... Until you try to fit that new dishwasher you bought in the back.
  17. Aftermarket grill that won't scratch as easy?

    My carbonized gray turned out to be a brilliant color choice - matches with pretty much everything, blends dirt and dust well, and the BD grille is a nice smoked matte. The smoked gray on the Morimoto XRGB headlights matches it nicely too. How do you scratch the front grille? If you are...
  18. GoodYear Territory MT $186 at Discount

    They are sold as OEM on the supposedly "go anywhere" Sasquatch package, but the tires are anything but go-anywhere. They are more like slightly enhanced street oriented AT tires, along the lines on what you get on the Wrangler Sport and Wrangler Willys, than something well matched to what Sas...
  19. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? 👨🏻‍🔧🧰🚿🛠

    If anyone offered to pay me $7k to replace my hard top with a free soft top I would turn them down. 7 years with a JK with softop and 3 days with a Bronco soft top rental from Turo are all the data I need to want to know that I never ever want to do this again. In fact I almost swore off the...