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  1. Stock Length Lower Control Arms from Solo Motorsports

    A few days ago I saw these arms on the Solo Motorsports website. Still doesn’t have a price listed, so I imagine they are pretty new still. High quality fabrication as usual from Solo Motorsports...
  2. Covered the void around camera

    After putting on my Method wheels I, like I’m sure many others, was left with a void around the camera from the aftermarket wheels having a larger hub size. I went looking online to find see if a product existed to solve my issue. I came up empty handed, so I began trying to figure out how I...
  3. California Sold: Badlands wheels and 285/70/17 BFG KO2's

    I have a set of 5 Badlands wheels with 285/70/17 BFG KO2 all terrains. They have 6k miles on them in very good shape, only street driven. Spare is brand new. Comes with set of factory lug nuts. $1200 $1000 $900 for the set.
  4. Foutz fabricated lower arm with bypass shock mount

    I came across these on the Foutz website. It’s a stock length arm, but uses a 1.5” uniball at the spindle and 1 “ on the frame pivots. It says it has tabs for a 3.0 bypass option!! They also built in steering stops to help save the steering rack. It mentions the upper bypass shock mount...
  5. California Sold: Rough Country HD tie rod sleeves

    I have a brand new pair of HD tie rod sleeves from RC. I ended up getting a HOSS 3.0 rack so I have no use for these. $40, shipped
  6. California Sold: Zone 1" leveling kit

    I have a Zone off-road 1" leveling kit. Bought it off another member on here, neither of us ever installed it. $50 (what I paid for it), located in Brea, CA.
  7. Bronco race vehicle burns down before racing in King of Hammers

    I came across this article today, talk about bad luck. Hurts me to see it like this... Ford Bronco Racer Burns Just Before King of the Hammers, and the Race to Rebuild Is On The race team has less than two weeks to get this torched Bronco back into shape...
  8. California Sold: 5 Raptor wheels

    I have a set of 5 wheels from a 2022 f150 raptor. 6x135 lug pattern. 17x8.5, +30 offset. No tpms sensors. They have roughly 800 miles on them. Does not fit regular bronco. Although I know there have been a few people that ran wheel adapters in order to use these on a bronco. Or maybe there is...
  9. California Sold: Factory rock rails, 4 door

    I have a set of factory rock rails. Took them off around 1500 miles to install steps. Includes rock rails, brackets and all factory hardware to install these. Came off a 4 door 2021 badlands, never seen dirt and in perfect condition. Located in Brea, CA. Asking $300 for the set.
  10. Center Console Spring?

    Has anyone taken apart the center console lid? I am wondering if there is a spring inside that I could either wind to put more preload on or replace with a stronger spring. Anytime the vehicle is on a slight decline and I open my center console, it wants to fall down and shut again. On my...
  11. 3 years lurking... finally gave in

    So after lurking on this forum for the past three years I decided to finally cave and join. The last forum I was involved with I became a bit obsessed, so I was hesitant to join. However I finally grew tired of not being able to respond at times so here I am. Sorry if this ends up being a...