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  1. Illinois Sold: WTB - Mod bumper tow hooks. (any color including black)

    I'm looking for these. Most likely yours will be black and that's just fine. I couldn't find a pic of them in black separated like this:
  2. Replacement horn - part number # ?

    My horn is no longer a dual tone and now only sounds the high-horn. So, I'll need to replace it. I'm willing to do this myself. Otherwise, to the dealer it goes. Anyone have the OEM part number for the horn?
  3. Removable Roof Light Bar Wiring Solution

    I wired my own removable light bar solution so I could easily remove the light bar from my 2dr in the summer when I also wanted to go topless. The light bar switch is Aux 1 on my OEM Auxiliary switch panel. I have a roof rack but my solution works for rack or rackless. Part list: 2-pin Deutsch...
  4. Illinois WTB - Harness> B&O Sub enclosure to AMP

    I'm adding a factory sub enclosure to my base system using an aftermarket amp (Kicker 500.1). I'd like to to reuse the OEM sub enclosure harness. So, I need the harness that runs from the sub enclosure to the OEM amp (which I'll modify). Has a green plug on the sub enclosure end. Hoping...
  5. Illinois Sold: USB POWER MIRROR TAP + Free StickerFab Fuses Label & Visor Label

    This is the deal of the century and a lesson to all. Do not order parts right before you go to bed. I unwittingly ordered two of these parts when I meant to order one, but I smashed that 'submit order' button as my eyes were heavy. So low and behold an even pair arrived at my door. Get them...
  6. Miscut Removable Roof Panel

    Here's a new one. My passenger side removable roof panel was cut with a curve on the leading outside edge. The rearward edge curves up exposing the insulation which leaks and was how I discovered this anomaly. Warranty replacement but no ETA on a new part. Pics below plus one of the driver's...
  7. Ford still sending Bronco swag? New item received

    Saw this posted in the local FB group. Looks like they still had some left over funds for swag.
  8. Outstanding marketing for this pet divider...

    I'm sharing it aren't I? :LOL: Bronco Pet Divider | 6th Gen (21+)
  9. Moab - Bronco Off-Roadeo Report

    I just returned from a trip to the Moab Bronco Off-Roadeo with a buddy as my guest (gift for his Bday). If you are on the fence about going, throw yourself off and sign up. This speaks more to Moab and the surrounding parks/terrain in general than just the Off-Roadeo experience but it certainly...
  10. Where Did the Granger Ford Allocation Update Thread Go?

    The Granger Allocation thread seems to be missing. Zach @Granger Ford, did you take it down? We had December and January allocations but it's been silent since. I heard rumblings that the mothership restricted this info maybe? How might we find out our place in line?
  11. Illinois Sold: WTB Bronco Fender Emblem

    Anybody have a Bronco Depot pair in any finish they are willing to part with?
  12. Custom Hot Wheels Badlands

    I ran out of shows to watch on Netflix and I wont be getting my Bronco until 2022 given my options requests. So, I hopped on YouTube to checkout how to disassemble a Hot Wheels and went to town on a 2021 Bronco Hot Wheels with some Cactus Gray paint I had a body shop make. The match is...