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  1. Bronco Interior (Plastic Panels) have many scuff marks and scratches

    I have a 2021 First Edition with very low mileage. I haven't used it to haul/move anything large but I've noticed that the interior panels have many scuff marks and scratches. Has anyone tried to get this covered under warranty? We have another SUV that I've used for many Home Depot runs and...
  2. APIM Replacement

    It took about 6 weeks to get the part, and then about half a day to install. The good news is no issue since the replacement part was installed.
  3. APIM Replacement

    Nothing worked. I don't think there's anything to troubleshoot. You need a replacement
  4. APIM Replacement

    Yes, new APIM was eventually installed.
  5. Saw this today....what is it?

    Problem is that it had Ford Manufacturing plates on it. Wouldn't it be a Ford?
  6. Saw this today....what is it?

    I know it's not a bronco but curious what it is?
  7. Bronco Team 2 door.

    Washed today
  8. Another Dead Sync System

    Dealer installed new APIM yesterday....all good!
  9. Another Dead Sync System

    Same....dealer called and supposedly they have a new APIM. Dropped it off this morning. Hoping for the best.
  10. Another Dead Sync System

    Great question....no one from Ford can provide any details or clarity on when we can expect to get replacement parts.
  11. New Bronco - Ford SYNC went Out

    Same issue. Ford can't seem to help. It's been about two months. @Ford Motor Company reached out 3 times on this forum but only created more confusion. Dealer has no idea when part will arrive.
  12. Ford Motor Company - Customer Service

    Pretty lame. Ford authorized a rental car for me. Other than that, there's been zero progress.
  13. Ford Motor Company - Customer Service

    Has anyone heard anything new about the status of replacements APIM's? I can't get an answer from my dealer, Ford customer service, or @Ford Motor Company.
  14. Ford Motor Company - Customer Service

    Unreal. What are you hearing on timelines?
  15. Anyone still waiting on a 21 FE?

    Ummm.......no, I am not in the Jeep Club.
  16. Anyone still waiting on a 21 FE?

    I got my FE. Drove it for less than 300 miles. Then, electrical issues that make it non driveable. @Ford Motor Company can't help. Sitting in my garage, paying insurance (and paid Ford) and can't drive it. No ETA on parts
  17. Depressing timeline

    Not sure it's worse but you could have paid Ford for your bronco, insured it, driven it 200 miles, and then have electrical system fail that can't be fixed, with no ETA on parts. @Ford Motor Company can't help. Super frustrating.
  18. Who else is losing hope?

    Not sure. Can't get a clear answer from Ford Motor Company. I either get a meaningless response or recommendations that don't make sense.
  19. Who else is losing hope?

    Not sure it's worse, but you could already have your Bronco, with less than 300 miles, and have it not work due to electrical issues that Ford can't resolve and/or provide a timeline on parts. It's kind of like ice mountain, etc. except Ford has my money and I am paying for insurance on...