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  1. Trailgater Install

    I emailed two weeks ago and called yesterday. I’ll keep trying.
  2. Trailgater Install

    any luck finding replacements? My Bronco got bought back from Ford (lemon); I took the table off and want to put on my new Bronco. I have no idea where to find these blind nuts/ screw anchors.
  3. Anyone go through a Ford buy back?

    thanks for the insight. I also have many personal items within the vehicle. I should have no problem removing everything while in the dealer lot if allowed.
  4. Anyone go through a Ford buy back?

    thanks. I’ll be sure to have my info available then when they call. This might be a silly question, but if I choose to take the buy out am I going to have any issues removing items from the Bronco, such as Spot lights, GMRS Radio, tailgate table, etc.?
  5. Anyone go through a Ford buy back?

    thanks- this helps a lot. Did you have your information available when they called or did they already have this info from the dealer?
  6. Anyone go through a Ford buy back?

    I got the approval today and they said someone from the buy back team would call me with details. how did they handle the pricing? I want to order another- but I’m concerned I’m going to lose out.
  7. Anyone go through a Ford buy back?

    Any updates- how did it go? I’m waiting for an offer as I have the 2.7 with a low oil pressure warning. And for almost two months they can’t identify the problem.
  8. Worried about the Bronco Engines now….

    Just had my CAM phasers replaced at 5,500 miles. Got it back 10 days later, Dealership forgot to attach hose from turbo, had to go back after losing power on the highway when it popped off. Now oil pressure light on and now having the sensor replaced. 3 trips to the dealer one week after getting...