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  1. Damaged steel modular bumper?

    Has anyone caught the corner of their front modular bumper? Like an idiot I tagged an aluminum covered parking spot pole today. It’s scratched up, and I swear it is bent back a little when I compare both sides, but I was going pretty slow. anyone else done this? Any damage to the frame or...
  2. Newbie Question -What gear do I need?

    New to off-roading with my 2023 SAS Big Bend. Looking at my Christmas list and beyond. What would you say are the: Minimum must have’s for gear offroad? Like to have’s? Love to have, but can do without? Name your top 3 to get me started!
  3. Go Rhino steps - which ones?

    I’ve got a SAS Big Bend, looking at the go rhino steps. Can’t decide between the two. Anyone run either? I don’t want them to be too wide.
  4. Port Aransas Beach Access

    Has anyone taken their Bronco and driven on the Beach Access? First time taking a 4WD on beach, want to take the family down a bit and get a decent spot. What should I air down to? Any other considerations?
  5. SAS with NFAB steps

    Does anyone with a SAS’d Bronco have Nfabs? Looking at these but don’t want there to be too much of a drop. Thanks!
  6. Private Offer Question (I seemed to have confused myself)

    I placed my reservation through Granger on 10/30/20 I have my Dora from 3/11/21 with an MSRP of $51,605. My Window sticker for my shipped Bronco is $57,260. I called Ford, they gave me my private offer Certificate info, for 2023 Model Year End Transition only of $2,245. Wouldn’t I have one for...
  7. Current Interest Rates?

    Just curious what everyone is seeing for interest rates? Anyone recently use Ford Credit? I usually use my Credit Union, but wanted to see what everyone else was seeing. Thanks!
  8. What Happens On Your Build Date?

    What happens on the day of your build date? Mine is tomorrow, so just curious if anything noteworthy I can see or track on my end?
  9. Alternate tires on SAS Bronco?

    Just looking to see what everyone is putting on their Sasquatches Bronco in lieu of the Goodyear Territories? Without any spacers or lifts
  10. Steps/Sliders Question

    So after finally getting a build date on my Big Bend SAS, I need to start looking at my to do list for when it arrives. I’ll need steps for it. In looking, I see a lot of options for frame mounted or body mounted. With the associated price difference. I won’t be doing much more than going to...
  11. Morimoto Lights

    I sent a note to Morimoto asking about Bronco lighting possibilities. Based on their response they have no concept of market share gains... “Hey Josh, Right now we have no plans for the Bronco! Thanks again, Austin @ Support” 🤦🏻
  12. Aftermarket headlights / tail lights?

    So I ordered a BD and I’m really curious as to what the aftermarket will offer for signature light equivalents. What does everyone have experience with? Who do you like? Etc?
  13. Dimension Request - 4dr rear seat

    I have an odd request. Looking for the width dimension between the two middle seat belts. Basically the middle seat dimension. If anyone out there is going to check one out soon and thinks of it. Let me know! @Ourbroncolife
  14. Ford.com Reservations screen

    For those that have processed their orders, what does the website say when you log in and click my reservations?
  15. Big Bend Interior?

    Does anyone have any BB interior photos? I’ve been looking and can’t seem to find any!
  16. Power Seats only with leather options?

    Just confirming you can only get power seats with leather options? So Big Bend is out?
  17. Black Diamond Pricing Question

    So I’m looking at the price list and trying to make sure I get it right before my phone call. I’m going Black Diamond 4dr, Sas, 2.7, auto, mid, MIC top, and tow package. Will these order codes get me the right pricing? E5B - BD 4dr 322A - Mid 99P - 2.7 44T - auto tran 43L - MIC 765 -...
  18. Cactus Grey - Bronco Sport on the road

    Saw this driving down the road. Sorry for the pic quality! It definitely looks more grey, and you have to look hard to see the green in the sun.
  19. Aftermarket front bumper upgrades? 360 camera issues?

    How many of you plan on upgrading your front bumper to an aftermarket option? If so, anyone worried about the Co-Pilot360 implications?
  20. Typical Lift for 35s?

    So at the grocery store last night I saw a Wrangler Sport on 315/70-17s and it got me thinking that I have no idea about lifts on that Jeeps. Do you generally have to lift a wrangler to get it to 35s? If you take your Sasquatched Bronco and park next fo a Wrangler on 35s, will it sit higher...