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  1. 2.3l turbo engine, Birds sound while driving at low speed/rpm.

    Front driveshaft? Mine had to be replaced, same area it sounds like
  2. Hard top honeycombing and cracking from underneath surface

    Should not be a problem bumper to bumper is active.
  3. Hard top honeycombing and cracking from underneath surface

    Common, It should be an easy process, miles and when purchased? Could be a little problem depending on your dealer.. Nice ride BTW..
  4. My Experience With Ford Mobile Service

    Used my local dealer to do the mobile service on my wifes focus. Had to replace the cross traffic and blind spot on the rear bumper. We were in Myrtle Beach, opened the garage via phone, did a battery change, oil and everything was done perfect. Will use this service again!
  5. Trade 2023 Heritage for 2024 Robins Egg Blue Heritage Limited?

    Keep the economy going, TRADE!! 😇
  6. Bronco got broken into last night

    Or move.. Pay out of pocket.
  7. Rear driveshaft bushing damaged - service recommend replacement

    What other issues have you had. Like a clunk or anything not normal?
  8. Air Filter/ Exhaust Upgrade

    Roush CAI and Ford Motorsport catback dual exhaust. Very happy with results and looks!
  9. Can you delete the Wildtrak hood graphic when ordering?

    Wildtrak Bodyside Graphic TIP: Selection of this feature puts both the Wildtrak Bodyside and Hood Graphics on the vehicle 50C. Shows as an option in the order guide
  10. Who is going...

    Hastings was my roots. Not like the Bardin Booger https://www.jacksonville.com/story/entertainment/local/2016/05/19/legend-bardin-booger/15710871007/
  11. Who is going...

    I agree, I looked at the ticket prices.. WOW. Never knew this was a real thing in Fla..
  12. Who is going...

    https://www.news4jax.com/news/local/2024/05/21/do-you-have-a-sasquatch-encounter-story-to-tell-head-to-ocala-for-the-great-florida-bigfoot-convention/ Well it could be interesting..
  13. What are you hoping for MY25?

    One can dream!! LOL!!
  14. What are you hoping for MY25?

    5.0 V8 and a fixed roof option/well made hard top..
  15. MIC hardtop waves/ indents

    When I decide on which one I get I have Linex just down the road. They will be doing a few mods and then I will have them Linex it and sell it. Like I said, Ford should make it right and give us the right top the 1st time!! Que the Ford bot........
  16. MIC hardtop waves/ indents

    I get it. Number 4 for me, so far so good on this one. Its a shame Ford could not build them like the Gen5 tops. Freaking unbreakable. Been looking at TOR tops but the Armadillo top in Texas is looking like one of the options. Not alot of love for the 2door crew:unsure:
  17. MIC hardtop waves/ indents

    The " wonderful MIC top' comes without the insulation from the factory to the dealer for replacement. It is a separate option when replacing but standard when you get the MIC top with your Bronco from the factory. Kinda kooky IMO.