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  1. More Than Just Parks - Canyonlands National Park 8K Video

    More Than Just Parks posted this video to youtube: Features an EG 4Dr a little over a minute in. I was already pumped for my road trip to Moab in September for the off-rodeo and this vid certainly didn't hurt.
  2. South Carolina FS: Set of Two Modular hardtop window bolt washers for use with thumbscrews - $20 shipped

    Selling multiple sets of Set of two Modular hardtop window bolt washers for use with thumbscrews. $20 shipped includes only the two washers. Send me a PM with your name & address and how you would like to pay (Venmo or Paypal) and I'll respond with my acct. info. These are the thumbscrews that...
  3. Jeep Wrangler 392 to be killed off

    Well, that didn't last long... https://www.jlwranglerforums.com/2024-wrangler-rubicon-392-final-edition-confirmed/ https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a46424911/2024-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-392-dead/
  4. Modular hardtop window bolt washers for use with thumbscrews

    I would like to know how much would you be willing to pay for two of these washers if I take the time to print off a batch of these washers and ship them out. They allow you to use the hardtop thumbscrews on the removable windows in the MOD top. Just looking to cover my cost and time. (not...
  5. Michigan Wolverines 2024 CFP football champions

    Just wanted to start an appreciation thread for the 2024 CFP National Champions Michigan Wolverines! GO BLUE! Hail to the Victors! 💙💛
  6. 7/10/2023 Build Week

    Starting this thread since no one else has. Build date scheduled for 7/11 and I got my window sticker!
  7. 2026 Mustang Raptor incoming...

    https://www.mustang7g.com/forums/th...-v8-followed-by-supercharged-raptor-r.156912/ This is certainly interesting. If Porsche and Lambo can do it, why not Ford? Also, I noticed they copied over a form of the trailsights from the Bronco.
  8. 3/20/2023 Build Week with spreadsheet

    3/20/2023 Spreadsheet Just got notified that my 2Dr 7MT HE is scheduled for production the week of 3/20! Haven't heard of anyone else getting an HE scheduled yet. Reserved on 7/27/2020 Ordered a 2dr 7MT Badlands with Mod top on 2/1/2021 3/30/2021 - notified the mod tops got pushed to 2022...
  9. Why No 2023 Bronco Website Update Yet?!

    Anyone else super annoyed that those "rockstars" have yet to update the website for the 2023? The 2022 hasn't been able to be ordered since March, the order guides and B&P were updated to the 2023 back in September, and the cut-off to submit an order for the 2023 is this week, yet the page for...
  10. Ford offers workers choice of PEP or severance package

    https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2022/10/31/ford-workers-pep-severance-benefits-package/69605931007/ Wonder if this includes any of the "rockstars"
  11. 2022 Bronco named a Car and Driver 10Best

    https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a38260599/10best-2022-ford-bronco/ Kinda surprised by this to be honest. Didn't think it would make it because of all the build quality issues so far. Jeep had a number of candidtates that didn't make the cut: • Jeep Compass High Altitude 4x4 • Jeep...
  12. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Safari Concepts

    Wrangler Magneto, Jeepster Beach, Gladiator Red Bare, and Wrangler Orange Peelz https://www.thedrive.com/news/39881/this-years-easter-jeep-safari-brings-four-modern-off-road-concepts-to-moab This one looks a little familiar... And they named it "Orange Peelz" 🤣 Editing to add pics of the...
  13. Jeep Gladiator with Dodge Demon engine swap

    Americas Most Wanted 4x4 just swapped in a Dodge Demon V8 into a Gladiator. https://www.thedrive.com/news/39485/heres-what-it-takes-to-dodge-demon-swap-a-jeep-gladiator-without-blowing-it-up Wonder how long until a Godzilla finds its way into a Bronco? Or maybe a "megazilla?"...
  14. Interior parts swap master thread (grab handles, vent sliders, door nets)

    I hadn't seen a thread like this, so I figured that I would start one. I know there are a lot of people who would rather have different accent colors than what comes with the trim model they are buying and I thought we could use a thread to get people together who would like to swap their...
  15. Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 Launch Edition starts at $74,995

    So this is Jeeps big response to the 2021 Bronco... :eek: https://www.thedrive.com/news/39437/the-v8-powered-2021-jeep-wrangler-rubicon-392-launch-edition-starts-at-74995
  16. Easter Jeep Safari 2021

    Over at BN, they're asking if Ford should show up with some Broncos at the Easter Jeep Safari this year. They even included a shoutout to B6G in one post. On one hand, it's a big event for Jeep, so I'm not sure about how I would feel for Ford to "crash" their party, because it might look kinda...
  17. Jeep recalls 2018-2021 Wranglers/Gladiators with MT

    https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a35421857/jeep-wrangler-gladiator-manual-transmissions-recalled/ That quality Chrysler-Fiat(now Stellantis) engineering at it again. They have always had great designers, but their engineering has seemed like a lower priority to me.