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  1. How long before you let someone else drive your Bronco?

    My wife asked this weekend when I would let her drive the Bronco...I have had it for 4 weeks and 1000 miles now. I will probably break down and let her soon...
  2. Happy Broncoween!!

  3. Cyber Orange Comparison

    Gotta love this stock photo chosen for this story! Sorry Cyber Orange fans!!
  4. Bronco Production Line Video

    2021 Ford Bronco Production Line | Off Road SUV F…:
  5. Hood Gap

    Finally got to drive a Bronco today, dealer has a 4 door silver OBX with soft top. I have 1 issue I'd like to ask for those that have their Bronco or have seen one... The hood gaps to the fenders was crazy off, like the hood was latched too far down. I could see the whole edge of the fender...
  6. Bronco Warthog name further confirmed in supplier letter

    Got this email from an automation company, I have not worked with them personally, just know someone who works there I guess...could be a confirmation of the Warthog name, or using the "code" name... or just further evidence that it exists.
  7. 8 seater Bronco anyone?

  8. Almost there...

  9. Explain GVWR?

    Can someone help me understand GVWR? What is the target number? I read for an Light SUV, its under 6,000lbs? So at the highest Est. curb weight of 5320, you only have 680lbs of cargo/passengers capacity? I think they use 150lbs for passengers, so you could only have 4.5 passenger and no gear to...
  10. Oil Catch Can??

    Does anyone believe Catch Cans are "required" equipment on the Ecoboost engines? I have had a 3.5L Ecoboost for 8 years without a CC, but I have had the engine shudder issues in the past with it...but still never installed one. I did have to replace a turbo on it, but not sure if that is related...
  11. Why Velocity Blue over Lightning Blue

    The 2020 Ranger has Lightning Blue, not sure if the 2021 will or not...but why wouldn't Bronco use LB when it will be made in the same plant as Ranger. If LB was an option over VB, I would be set on color! I prefer the darker Lightning Blue... Do more people like Velocity of Lightning?
  12. Poll - Badlands 33" Tire?

    I know the KO2 is a solid tire option, but the new Goodyear tires are interesting, they don't look like an M/T to me, more of an R/T tire? Anyone have experience with them?
  13. AUX Switch Labels?

    Does anyone know if you can change out the labels for these switches, like take out or slide in a new Label? It would be really cool if it came with an assortment of pre-made labels (Fog, Light 1, Light 2, Light Bar, etc...) Au
  14. Power Tailgate?

    Any chance the rear door will be power open? Like hit a button twice on the key fob and it "pops" the door and the gas shock pushes the door open for hands free access? Like a power lift gate on an Explorer... Or is the gas shock just holding the door open so it doesn't shut on you and not...
  15. Line X Undercoating?

    Has anyone ever undercoated with Line-X or similar product? Or just use a rust preventative spray? I had my F-150 undercoated at the dealer when I bought it, and it looked good when it was new and shiny...but now its mostly gone...(maybe should have had it re-coated??) What do people doing for...
  16. Northern Michigan

    Hey there, new to the site, and hopefully soon to be a first time Bronco owner!! Can't wait to see this thing and put a deposit down for a reservation! Looking forward to getting the Bronco naked and hitting some trails here in Northern Michigan!!
  17. Bronco KeyPad?

    Hello, New to this site, but have been "lurking" here for weeks and getting excited with all the leaks and discussions! Does anyone have an idea where Ford will put the KeyPad? I know they have been moving them to the window frame on newer vehicles, but with not window frame on the Bronco, will...