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  1. Tire-mounted ski rack

    My buddy had this ski rack laying around in his garage. Think it's a Thule 9033, but he didn't have the hitch portion. I cut off a bit of the plastic ends, put some foam around the bars against the tailgate, and run a ratchet strap around the tire...good to go. I can easily fit 4 pair of skis on...
  2. Montana sold

    If the other buyer doesn't follow through, I'll take it. Also have zelle set up.
  3. 🛠 1/10/22 Build Week Group

    Picked up today from Serramonte Ford. Great experience, no BS, love the ride. Thanks to this forum for keeping me entertained the last year or two. Best of luck to those still waiting—so far it seems like it’s worth it!
  4. 🛠 1/10/22 Build Week Group

    First post! Everything online shows I'm still scheduled for production 1/10, but got this message from my dealer today: "Looks like yours is on track. Final assembly is slated for today." 4 Dr Basequatch, Soft Top. Will still have to wait a month for it to get out to California, but good...