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  1. Color Changing Oracle Headlights

    Does anyone have these? I was thinking about getting them but I have not seen any reviews or pictures of them on a bronco. If you have them please send a pic of your bronco with them on. I want to see how they look. Thanks. Also they seem to have the design of the LED headlights...
  2. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    What was the first build date they gave you? I doubt they would push you back this close to the build date. I have been delayed about 13 times now and they usually do it a week or two prior.
  3. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    The thing is what gives you faith about the 13th? I thought that about november 15th, and november 29th, and december 6th, and I was 100% sure there would be no way it would get delayed again and it did. We WILL get delayed again, lets face it. I feel like there are a bunch of 2 doors that are...
  4. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    I know there are issues with the 2.0, I'm just going off what they told me. I would have to re read it but I'm pretty sure they sent out a mass email last summer implying they fixed it.
  5. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    The worst part is I am driving a lease that I was supposed to turn in last summer. So every month it gets delayed thats another $600 in lease fees I have to pay. (Long story short I originally didnt have to pay for the lease but some shit happened and now I am stuck with it and have to pay for it)
  6. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    The fact that they are STILL delaying people this late into 2021 production AFTER extending the 2021 build dates into late december just screams that they have no idea what they are doing. I remember people telling me that there would be no way in hell my order would be pushed passed september...
  7. 2021 VINs will get delayed to 2022 won't they?

    2 door order here. Just got another delay, to december 13th. I was supposed to be built in june. I know plenty of you are in a similar position. I have been told that all 2021 vins will get built before the 2022s. Something I have to ask, what is so special about this final month? They have had...
  8. 2 Door 2021 Builds going to be delayed to 2022?

    So I started a thread about 2 doors a few weeks ago and I was told that all 2 door 2021 vins WILL be built. My order has been delayed to december 6th and I gotta ask. If my 2021 bronco has not been built for the past 6 months, how am I supposed to trust that it will be built in the final month...
  9. 2 door delays

    Well originally December 6th was supposed to be the last week for 2021 Bronco builds. But there is another thread up and it looks like they are pushing 21 builds into mid to late december. So its anyone guess. Just be prepared to get another email saying you have been delayed to december 15th of...
  10. “Early 2022” email

    Wait, only people who have not gotten a build date are getting this email right? They arent switching 2021 vins over to 2022 are they? Please Ford dont delay me to 2022.
  11. 2 door delays

    This is my main concern. If I knew for an absolute FACT I was getting a 2021 I would not worry because I know that 2021 production will soon be ending. But if I get delayed to 2022, whos to say they delay it another 11 times? Because of my current car situation I would be forced to cancel...
  12. 2 door delays

    Did they give you a 2021 build date then delay you to 2022 Yes, got it in may
  13. 2 door delays

    One of the largest dealers in the US
  14. 2 door delays

    Hey guys I have a question. So I ordered a 2 door big bend sasquatch. It was going to get built on June 21st Then it got delayed to August 2nd. Then August 23rd Then August 30th Then September 27th Then October 23rd Then November 8th Then November 15th Then november 29th I know about the whole...