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  1. Torn between 2023 Braptor or 2024 Heritage 2.3

    All of the Bronco's have a turbo in them. The 2.7 has two, the 2.3 has one.
  2. Error Code P04DB after installing Injen cold air intake

    If they think they have a fix they need to let you guys know asap.
  3. ‘22 OBX rear brakes toast at 31k

    I just checked the brakes on my 2018 Rubicon and they have about 75 percent left at 52k miles. That doesnt sound right at all.
  4. Automatic Vs Manual

    I drove the manual and it is fun. Not heavy at all. Shifts were a breeze. I have the 2.7 auto, but the lag at startup really bothers me. Sport mode helps, but it is still slow off the line. The manual doesnt have any lag since you are in control. I say if you like the manual get it. The 2.3 has...
  5. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    Agreed the GY's are good in rain and snow and probably even better than the ko2s. If you are doing any type of off-roading though the ko2s are going to be tougher. The tread wont chip as much and the sidewalls are going to be stronger. The GY's compound is just too soft for any hard core...
  6. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    If you bought them from discount and got the replacement certificates, you can't go wrong there. If they fail they will replace them. They are really cheap at Discount. I was looking at when my Goodyears go and I had the same thought as you. Around town, they do great in rain, snow, etc and with...
  7. Sasquatch Tire conundrum

    I would not be offroading on the stock Goodyears. They weigh 20 pounds less than everyone else for a reason. I remember at a Bronco event, they were all chipped and beat up, where I konw ko2s would have been just fine. I'd just use the spare for now and wait for the ko3s. I'd only buy another...
  8. Rear ended on Sunday :( $20K repair estimate! [Update: TOTALED]

    Just ask for payment in catalytic converters!!! I'm sure he is good for it. I know some have mentioned a lawyer, but when your car is totaled the lawyers want a percentage of the entire sum you get. That ruins it. If it was just an injury then they can probably do better than us.
  9. Can a Ford Protect Extended Warranty Help You Beat Inflation?

    Good info and a good reason why we should get one. I was going to get them on my 2018 JLs, but I keep wanting to upgrade them to something new....Another Bronco or another JL. Once Jeep and Ford decide on some meaningful rebates, hopefully I can get another new car and warranty from Granger.
  10. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I just know that if I go test drive one, I'd be in serious debt. It looks great too!!
  11. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    I think it would look better if the front grill was black, the wheels were black. Other than that it looks good. Here is my grabber blue mustang that I sold. It looks darker in the shade.
  12. Bronco EV Conversion

    Sometimes it makes sense to do that as parts may no longer be available. It might be the same thinking as swapping a coyote 5.0 into an older Bronco. The older engines didnt put out as much hp either. Blasphemy would have been to put a 2.3 turbo in one of those older Broncos.......but we are...
  13. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    My 2017 mustang was that color. I sold the mustang, but I kept a picture of it. I just cant stop myself from going over curbs so the Bronco suits me just better. That color is money on the Bronco!!!! More pics please!!! Especially the front!!
  14. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I have a 2 door Bronco and 2 door Rubi. They are both a blast to drive. They put a smile on my face every time I get in. I had a Ranger and it just wasnt the same. Rode smoother, handled better, but the fun factor just wasnt there. I don't know if it was the longer wheelbase or any other factor...
  15. 2024 Badlands w/ Sasquatch vs 2024 Wildtrak

    I see no reason not to go with the Badlands. Since it has the SAS package you really arent missing anything compared to a Wildtrak.
  16. Wildpeak A4Ws on non-Squatch Big Bend?

    Keep in mind heavier generally also means tougher....You might lose .1 miles per gallon, but these turbo engines don't seem to care much about a little extra weight, so the power loss will be negligible. To me the mileage lost is piece of mind that you won't get stuck out on a trail or have your...
  17. Rear Window Explodes, No Clue Why?????

    This wasnt covered under warranty? I'd open a case with Ford.
  18. KO3 vs KO2 Tires Comparison Look and Technical Analysis

    That is a great video. Really looking forward to the 35x12.5x17 if it ever comes. I might settle for the 315/70/17 for my Bronco, but this seems like a solid tire for snow/wet conditions and seems like they addressed a few issues with the ko2 that I didnt even know existed.