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  1. Ford Performance tune - updating versions?

    Does Ford update the tune over time? Is there a version release reference anyone has been able to track down. I know when I had my Bronco flashed earlier in the year, as an example, the axle flash was optional. I believe now by default it installs the updated axle code. How often do people...
  2. Soft top - side window lower retainer part number

    It looks like I broke a piece of my soft top. It is this plastic trim piece that holds the bottom corner of the side window in place. It’s difficult to tell from the pictures below, that this is actually cracked, but it wiggles and trust me. It is cracked looking to find the part number for it...
  3. MOLLE Ax or shovel mount

    Anybody have a recommended molle mountable ax/hatchet/shovel attachment bracket/holder to mount to an aluminum molle rack?
  4. Things I worried about prior to getting my Bronco that I don’t worry about now

    Prior to getting my Bronco I worried about covering up the pinch weld, the rock throwing Good year MT’s and cracking my windshield. of these three, the mudguards were the only thing I end3d up addressing. after getting and owning the Bronco for several months, no longer care about the pinch...
  5. Soft top storage

    I searched, did not find, how are people storing their soft tops (not the windows, I’m asking about the top and frame) Flat? On a shelf or on the garage floor? On a rack? trying to think out the best way for storing it for a week or two at a time during the summer, wanted to get some ideas.
  6. MGV treatment

    For whatever reason, my MOLLE panel I bought from Ford came with a bottle of Texumbra, which is a UV treatment from CoverKing. I'd not though about treating my MGB seats or for that matter, the fender flares - so I thought I would pop in here and ask- - Any recommendations on UV protection on...
  7. Gearshade - what am I missing?

    I got a Gearshade, and I noticed the one I got was a little bit different from what is on the directions page…I had an extra set of bungee cords fir the extra rear set of grommets… anyone else get one with exttra rear grommet’s?
  8. Don’t believe the hype

    I picked up my Bronco last week and already have nearly 1000 miles on it. Badlands/Lux Don’t believe the hype: 1. the b and o stereo- I use it with a Sony A45 Walkman with non mp3 with AAC/flac /lossless encoded content and find the audio freaking just fine. Stop playing mp3 crap and maybe...
  9. Bronco - high incidence of whiplash

    ...for jeep drivers. Since picking up my Bronco - I've noticed some jeep drivers spinning their heads so quickly to get an eyeful of the Bronco that they have to be getting whiplash. Any one else notice the same? Does it ever get old?
  10. 9 Goat Modes? Tow Haul?

    I was watching the Ford official playlist for the Bronco - specifically this vid and caught this Seems to imply there is a Tow Haul mode.... Mentioned in the manual too
  11. Toyota previews mini ev-land cruiser

    Game on! Let's see an e-bronco!
  12. 2022 order scheduled today (10/28) group

    Curious if anybody actually got a 22 schedule notification this week?
  13. Thoughts on the reservation system

    Given the disaster of Ford’s reservation system in the Bronco rollout ( does not seem the Mach-e rollout had the same issues, could be wrong though )….I can’t help but wonder if the F150 Lightning rollout will be a similar flameout: 1. Rumored of more than 150000 reservations for allegedly 15000...
  14. Bronco's at local dealer

    Went for an oil change at the local dealer, and in addition to a BL 2 - door mannequin (which they've had for a while now), they also had a WT and a BB. The WT had a yellow HOLD sticker (so assuming it was sold)
  15. What is everyone using for Comms equipment?

    Curious what everybody is using for commo
  16. Is this the hard top prep kit?

    I was watching the video of the guy who got screwed by the dealer he used to work at for 19 years, and noticed these on the left side of the cargo area During the Chicago Auto show I crawled around the back of a soft top that was on display and dont remember seeing anything like that (pic...
  17. Job number on DORA?

    My DORA shows a line item called "Job #2 Order". Does anyone know what that refers to?
  18. X Plan only for sport?

    Maybe I’m blind but I only see xplan for Bronco sport on the partner page. am I missing something here? Someone tell meI am full of it