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  1. Anyone Else Have This Screen Problem?

    I have found that most often this happens in mine if I start it and take off driving before the Bronco animation has finished doing its thing. It’s happened a couple of times otherwise, but most often that’s the pattern I see.
  2. Park Brake Fault Service Now

    This description is helpful. I pulled up to the gas pump today and was in the process of engaging park brake to shift into neutral and the error showed up. I think what you described is exactly what was going on. I cycled the brake, the error cleared, and did not return for the rest of the outing.
  3. Clicking noise, lower left rear

    There is a surprising amount of stickers on these… they’re everywhere with their rando QR codes.
  4. (fun list!) Bronco accessories to be avoided! (keep it friendly)

    I saw a widdle wotopax the other night…:crackup:
  5. REQUEST: Anybody Attending Off-Roadeo Moab or know the instructors?

    Try 888.260.5744 In advance of my Off-Rodeo in Texas, I received calls from and returned calls to this number. Their customer service was solid.
  6. Have You Ever Chickened Out on Rule 1?

    Horse flies… 😂 I did not know there was a name for that, but can attest that it is a true thing. Over time I have noticed that the Jeeps and Tacos and such are all parking around me in the lot at work.
  7. Have You Ever Chickened Out on Rule 1?

    I told you to be cool about that rule. 🤫 Dang.
  8. Blind Spots?⚡Reduce Blind Spots & Glare⚡SUMA Mirrors (Customer's Reviews)

    Do you have any recommendations for a good install process? Mine are sitting in their box, with part of the delay being the concern with breaking something.
  9. Intermittent main screen not working at startup

    This had happened a handful of times in my HE, and more often recently. At times it is when the screen animation hasn’t finished before putting the transmission into a gear. Given that is is happening more often lately, I am thinking it’s an OTA type of bug.
  10. 2024 Ford Bronco Review: Yes, it's awesome, but ... Autoblog

    23 HE. No leaks. No creaks on pavement. I expect the creaks I hear off pavement - roof, body, and all the good stuff that makes it go off pavement. Back on pavement, no creaks.
  11. Diode Dynamics SSC1 Ditch Light Hack

    That bracket arrived as a Christmas gift for the Bronco. Really pleased with where it will position two sets of lights. It’s entirely out of line of sight, unless you’re using a massive light. Looking forward to adding it.
  12. Mabett LED Interior Dome Lights 4Pcs Kit Available Now!

    It happened again tonight coming home from work. Very late afternoon, so skies were dark grey and it was raining. I get in, close door, start vehicle. Lights over doors stay on. I press display brightness + button to maximum brightness. Lights stay on. I press display brightness - button two or...
  13. Mabett LED Interior Dome Lights 4Pcs Kit Available Now!

    That may be true. However, they are not working properly on a consistent basis for your customers. I have been able to identify a potential trend: the lights malfunction during overcast weather. This issue was identified by another forum user several months ago. Originally it affected the cargo...
  14. What's up with my screen? Did I hit a button??

    I strongly suspect OTAs. I’m seeing a range of one-time oddities over the last few weeks. Nothing beyond the mildest of inconveniences - next power cycling resolves it. I believe it will be addressed with other OTA(s) in the end.
  15. Radio not working

    I had the same experience recently, whether the radio not working, the screen freezing mid-animation, or briefly remaining black, and also suspected it was OTA-related. All were only briefly, and resolved on their own, or after the next powercycle.
  16. Help ID these aftermarket auxiliary switch labels from StickerFab (see pic)

    First row is the logo for Diode Dynamics. https://www.diodedynamics.com/ Second and third rows are the logo for Baja Designs. The one that looks like “bu” may be slightly misprinted. https://www.bajadesigns.com/
  17. Interior dirt ingress?

    ^^^best answer. (And it is glorious.) First time on trails was outside of Butte, MT. Dry conditions and lots of fine dust. Exterior turned an entirely different color, but interior was fine. Mind the HVAC settings. 😉
  18. Broaddict issues

    Is this now BA Offroad (or BA-Offroad)? There are a number of new product posts in November, but no website. My experience: they put up a call for testers for a rack and ask for a DM. Send the DM, they want an email. Email arrives and they provide a link to purchase the rack (from Broaddict...