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  1. Massachusetts OEM 4 Door Soft top for sale - Unused!

    I kept it, Thanks
  2. Enabling Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Centering

    Look at thread from Page 15 Back up all modules before starting! Here's the settings for Adaptive cruise w/ stop and go: 1. BCM change cruise control to adaptive Cruise Control, Stop & Go 2. ABS 760-03-01 to F*** ****, Last: 3. PCM relearn Auto-Hold Instructions: APIM easymode: Auto-hold...
  3. Having trouble finding a part number.

    Yes, just put the bit on the hole in the center, hold it with some pliers and drill. Then grab a pair of needle nose to work the remaining pieces out. Didn't take much to brake the lip off and remove the other side.
  4. Soft top install instructions?

    My dealer went to order some for me the beginning of May and they were backordered until 5/31.
  5. Having trouble finding a part number.

    Yes, I drilled it out. Very easy. 7/64 or 1/8 will do it.
  6. Soft top install instructions?

    Deninitly get a plastic roll bar protector, and 2 people. It's heavy and awkward. 2 alignment pins in the pic above on the left and right line things up. And you screw in the 3 screws. Don't screw them in all the way. Close the top (very tight). Latch the front then tighten the screws. Also...
  7. DIY Hard Top Ceiling Hoist - My Version

    If anyone is building one out, I have an extra set of straps from CustomTieDowns. They worked great, but were a tad too long for my lift/ceiling to get into a loft I have in my garage. So I have an adjustable one now. ~$20 + shipping (I'll proably post in marketplace over the weekend). PM me if...
  8. What's an EASY hack/fix that REALLY improved your relationship with your Bronco?

    What's the setting(s) for the fake engine noise? Thanks!
  9. EZ lift for my 2023 Badlands?

    Sounds like it works, but the one's they are working will lift more weight. Without a step stool, I don't get enough leverage, so the new one I think may be easier for me. Thanks!!
  10. EZ lift for my 2023 Badlands?

    Any update on these? I'm ready to order when its available! Thanks!
  11. Massachusetts Sold: OEM 4 Door Soft top for sale - Unused!

    I bought the dual tops when I orderd my 2023. I got it late September, so never intalled it. The box has the windows, still wrapped. $1500 or BO
  12. Having trouble finding a part number.

    7/64 bit did the trick. Drilled it from the bottom, and a bit of wiggling got it off. Good idea @jtimon.
  13. Having trouble finding a part number.

    I’ll try drilling tomorrow. I have dual tops so it isn’t on the truck yet. The replacement screws go in from underneath, so you may have to remove the top from the truck to get the screws in.
  14. Having trouble finding a part number.

    I have the same broken part and ordered the aluminum replacement. anyone know how to remove the old one? Its held in by 2 screws (easy) and two studs. The studs are the painpoint. The new one comes w/ screws instead of the studs.
  15. "Homemade" hard top lift tips!

    Do you have a link for the four straps?
  16. Any RI Bronco owners experienced with Forscan?

    I did a $100 used dell with touchscreen from eBay. Dedicated to the bronco. I only have Mac’s as well.