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  1. ADM is alive and well

    Only 15k!
  2. Where's the lie?

  3. Boring paint options?

    Was browsing my local Ford dealers websites and noticed some good news, but also some bad news. The good news is the Broncos are finally coming! The bad news is.... it's an unrelenting sea of ocean blues and cloudy grays. While I love Area 51 and the new Azure color is nice too, I just think A51...
  4. Holy crap, Ford figured out how to make the Ranger even uglier

  5. Electric Brake?

    I was reading the various Bronco features as described on the ford website, and i noticed they referred to the parking brake as an electric brake. My question is , what happens to this system in the event of power loss? If you have a manual transmission that you park in neutral, and the battery...
  6. Will the square fenders eventually become standard? Or optional on regular trims?

    I'm currently torn between wanting a fully-loaded Bronco and also the retro experience. Since Ford won't offer the Heritage Limited with a manual (and it will be near impossible to score?) I can't actually configure the Bronco I want even though Ford offers everything I like in one way or...
  7. Bronco grille concept: body colored headlight surround

    First off, excuse my HORRIBLE photoshop.... it's just something i threw together real quick, and no i have no idea what i'm doing. Just trying to get the concept across, do you guys think this is something (if done correctly) could make for a nice grill option? If anyone else likes the idea...
  8. So I just started watching Initial D

    I can't believe I've been missing this my whole life. I've seen clips here and there of the racing scenes and it always fascinated me. Finally bought the movie set and just finished the first legend. Looking forward to the next two. If it stays good, I may try to track down the series next.
  9. Lux Bronco with washout floor?

    Quick question, does anyone know if you can get a lux packaged Badlands with washout interior? I did try to go to B&P and figure this out myself, but it's not working for some reason. (Build button does nothing at trim screen but reset page back to center). So! Is there anyone like me who is...
  10. When can we expect the 23 model to be revealed/available to order?

    I know we're only just getting into the new year and the 22s are barely coming out, but unfortunately my 96 is a long ways away from being a reliable DD and my former DD the Escape is getting close to eclipsing the old Broncos mileage. While I do have love and appreciation for my Escape (had it...