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  1. Bronco Rap Song

    Naw, i can actually understand what is being said!
  2. Stereo help please!

    I currently have the following in my B&O Braptor.... JL Audio C2's in the dash (center was removed and not replaced), kicks, and rears (upgraded to 6.5 with MTI PODs). Mobridge AMP/DSP JL JD1000/1 JL Audio 13TW5v2 in a MTI tailgate enclosure All installed myself.
  3. Hi all

    I made the same mistake. Yellow wire should be closest to the data cable.Its keyed but will plug in the wrong way.
  4. Is PPF Wrap Worth it?

    I have a Code Orange Braptor and my wife has a Azure Grey 2 Door. Neither color can be touched up and would require a whole panel respray. There's a guy in my group that couldn't justify the price. Said he could respray the whole car for the price of the wrap. He has Oxford White and he could be...
  5. Hi all

    No, just panel under the steering wheel and panel under the climate controls. If you don’t have small hands you may have to pull the thermostat
  6. Bronco Raptor Off-Roadeo Registration Is Open!

    Did the regular Off Rodeo with my wife as a passenger. Looks like Im passing on the Raptor version. I don't see a $1000 value to bring my wife to sit in an otherwise empty seat.
  7. California Ford OEM Light Switch M2DT-13D061-HCW $40

  8. Ford stole $1,300 worth (262k points) of reward points - empty hardtop promises.

    This is one of the reasons I got the Ford Visa. Purchases earn points, count as activity and resets the clock.
  9. Anyone out here in Annapolis

    Im in DC, join Bronco DMV on Facebook.
  10. Bronco Raptor at Costco! Big Savings -$2,400 off MSRP

  11. Bronco Plug and play 1150W RMS amp replacement kit for B&O back in stock!

    Has anyone, added a sub to mobridge? Im trying to add a Jd/1000 to power a 13tw5. I'm trying to identify the connectors MObridge uses to connect the power and ground. They look like headphones jacks.
  12. Got stuck on breakover angle and now multiple errors

    Same happen to a guy, in our off roading group. He limp off the trail and once it got up to a certain MPH on the way home it corrected itself.
  13. DIY: Raptor Fog Lights Installed on Standard Bronco

    I upgraded my BRaptor Fogs with 3 rigids and put the Braptor fogs on the wife’s 2 door back in December. I was going to build my own harnesses but I already had too many projects going on. So, I bought harnesses from SPV.
  14. Keep your key fobs isolated, folks.... to prevent stolen Bronco

    Pasedena Texas Joe Horn shot and killed two burglars outside his neighbor's home. IIRC,they were shot in the back as they fled. Grand Jury let him walk. One vital piece of evidence were segments of Horn's 911 calls which could have possibly incriminated Horn or shown his innocence. The most...
  15. Thoughts on color matched painted Braptor flares versus black flares...

    I offroad mine and my flares are intact, but they are pinstriped.
  16. For Anyone Wanting Smoking Deals, Bronco Raptors Are About To Free Fall In Price

    You would have a low mileage 23? I took delivery of my 22' in October 22'. With 14k miles, it's considered low mileage for the age.
  17. Removing B&O Amp - SYNC dependent/connected

    I installed a Mobridge AMP/DSP (replaced the B&O AMP) and upgraded all the speakers with JL C2's myself in my driveway.