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  1. Howdy! Intro!! Miscellaneous rambling !!! :D

    I got tired reading that.
  2. Check 4x4 - Service Soon

    I wouldn’t pursue it. The dealer wouldn’t find anything and ask you to bring it back in when it’s displaying the message again…and half a day wasted.
  3. Bronco build quality

    Have to ask…if you think the Bronco is such a cheap piece of shit, why did you spend $68k to buy it?
  4. Ceramic Tint

    If we’re spending your money…then yes, perfectly fine.
  5. Step bars with rock rails.

    If you will actually be on trails with rocks of any size, you’ll want to avoid the design in the pic Fordified provided. Those will get beat up fast and possibly hang up the Bronco. Some legit rock sliders are shaped so you can also use them as a step.
  6. Are my new tires good enough for Moab, bro-sephs?

    Might want to remove the crash bars. 🤷‍♂️
  7. In search of high quality audio source

    A useful term to help your journey is “hi-res” for high resolution. There are several providers on line to access hi res music. I use Tidal and really like it. You can stream directly or download to a device for later which is great when on an airplane or very remote in the Bronco. Direct...
  8. BajaDesigns LP4 Topographic Map Overlays Now Available 🎉

    I’m thinking topological is for topology (which has nothing to do with topography). …and before anyone else has a chance…I actually AM fun at parties 😂
  9. BajaDesigns LP4 Topographic Map Overlays Now Available 🎉

    😂 “Topological”?
  10. My first Bronco Purchase. Need advice its a Hardop

    Mine is so noisy, I can’t hear a f***ing thing my wife says. I’ve heard it’s even noisier with a light bar. Does anyone know where I can get a light bar?
  11. Spare Tire Cover: Total Newbie Questions

    Give your Bronco a thorough wash and dry. Then take off the cover and inspect it to get the answer.
  12. Advice Needed: Moving and Getting 2-Door Hardtop Safely Through Door

    You and your dad both know how it went in there, and the result was good. While your memories are fresh, talk at length about how it went in, and then get it out as soon as possible. And make sure he’s involved with the removal.
  13. Valentine One radar detector installed today with BlendMount and MirrorTaps!

    I thought radar detectors went out with the 90’s, along with T-tops and louvers. Or maybe I’m just not driving fast enough! I got pulled over for speeding once in the late 80’s. As the officer approached my window, he asked, “Did that radar detector go off?” He seemed pleased when I told him...
  14. Oil change in my 2.7L - how much capacity?

    What is the serial number on the dipstick? How long is it in mm? From the tip, how many inches before the hash marks begin? What is the exact degree of vehicle incline when you took the measurement? Ambient temperature? Tire pressure? Day of the week? Elapsed time after turning the engine...
  15. Need some help deciding on a wheel

    Literally anything will be an improvement from the stock SAS wheels. You’re on a good path.
  16. SilverBack Bronco Build

    So this Bronco is…a …gorilla?
  17. Finally finished my Grabber Blue Bronco custom repaint! 😁

    No shit. I can’t even understand that word jumble.
  18. Dual Battery Concept

    The cost of materials is $600? What about labor? Any overhead? Marketing? Then after markup (guessing you want to make a profit)…selling price is: ? Will there be actual demand at that price, or just tire-kickers from the Bronco-overlanding niche group? Then there’s the whole “stability of...
  19. Affordable basic transportation models for 4x4 vehicles

    Yep, profit margin on base vehicles is super low. Each “feature” adds a lot of incremental profit. What benefits the manufacturer the most financially is what takes priority.