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  1. Florida OEM or aftermarket soft top 4 door

    My OEM soft top side windows are cracked where the plastic piece secures by the rear doors. Ford doesn’t sells these separately, which is really stupid. I’m looking for the side windows or an entire assembly to replace my broken ones. Sw Florida area but willing to drive a few hrs
  2. Florida Sold: General Grabber AT

    265/70/17 General Grabber AT with 200 miles on them. $450 for all 5. These are $220 each new, we’re taken off my bronco the second day I got it.
  3. Florida WTT/WTB sas fender flares

    Like the title states, looking to buy sas flares or trade my non sas for your sas flares.
  4. Florida Sold: Quake led tail lights

    I have a brand new set of quake led tail lights that have never been used. Only opened the box to take pictures per the rules here. Asking $375 shipped OBO
  5. Highest octane we can run without a tune

    What the highest octane level we can run without a tune before the computer starts having issues? Not 93 or 94 octane but 100-105 octane is what I’m specifically asking about.
  6. Florida Sold: Kicker KSC404 4” speakers

    I have a pair of 4” kicker ksc404s for sale. This is for the speakers only (not the pods, unless someone wants them I’m sure we can work something out) https://www.crutchfield.com/p_20647KSC40/Kicker-47KSC404.html?tp=105 $65 shipped
  7. Recommendations for a Canadian custom tune shop?

    As the title states, looking for a tune custom tune shop in Canada. I have a purchase I want to make but it requires a custom tune and no one in the US has released one due to a alphabet agency. Since I live in the south I’m looking for a someone who offers a flash device with tunes via email. I...
  8. 6.5” roll bar enclosures to replace 4” pods

    Has anyone done this and if so what’s your take on them? I have all kicker speakers with the key200.4 amp and the 500.1 powering my sub. I’m not pleased with the sound output from the rear with the 4” kickers and was going to replace the pods with the SSV pods with 2 way 6.5 speakers...
  9. Florida Sold: 2.3l AFe Bluetooth Scorcher module

    I have a AFE Bluetooth scorcher module for a 2.3l I am parting with. I really like this module, app is also very easy to use. Install takes 5 mins. $400 shipped OBO
  10. Florida Sold: Mishimoto catch can

    I have a open box mishimoto 2.3l catch can for sale. Missing one zip tie (used it for something else). I mounted the can and then removed it. Other than that it’s never been installed $150 shipped
  11. Florida Black diamond black gloss wheels/tires for sale (General grabber tires)

    I am getting new rims very soon and once they arrive these will be for sale $550 for the rims themselves and $525 for the tires. The tires have 200 miles on them since this was the first upgrade I did on day 3 of owning her. Local pick up is preferred but I can ship the rims at buyers expense...
  12. Florida Sold: Mishimoto 2.3l catch can

    I have a open box but never installed mishimoto 2.3l catch can for sale. Just missing 1 black zip tie, otherwise everything else is included. $160 shipped
  13. Saftey Restore seatbelt color modification

    Has anyone used this company? I searched and found a YouTube video where someone did this and explains how to do the rear belts. Thinking about doing this to my fronts to start but wanted to see if anyone has already done this and can share your first hand experience...
  14. Gremlins in the electrical system or something more serious?

    I got three of these warnings with a engine light yesterday. Today no engine light but now there are 4 warnings. Goes to the dealer next week but this isn’t the first go around with the concern with the turbo issue. Anyone else experience any of these? I have a K&N intake that been on for 2500...
  15. Charge pipes issue

    I installed the AFE charge pipes on my 2.3l and since doing that 1000 miles ago 2 different times (the latest being today on a 90 mile trip home) the turbo won’t produce anymore than 1lb of boost. I’m taking it in for service Thursday but has anyone else run across this? If I shut the vehicle...
  16. Full size flag mount work with a tailgate reinforcement?

    Does anyone know if the full size flag mounts work with a reinforcement? It seems like it should but just trying to confirm. I have a aftermarket dual swing out rear bumper being built, but I’m still a month out from that being ready, so in the mean time I’m going to try and use the flag mount...
  17. Corsa dual exhaust - anyone install?

    Anyone getting this or have it by chance? I’m interested but don’t want to pay $1100 for a fart box exhaust like my current flowmaster sounds (albeit I spent 1/10th what the corsa will cost me) any feedback is appreciated.
  18. Hornblaster train horn install? Where to mount horns and compressor tank?

    Thinking about pulling the trigger on a setup from Hornblaster, wanted to know if anyone else has done this? If so where did you mount the horns and compressor/tank? For $300 this seems like a great addition especially when driving in Florida where I live.
  19. Jerry can fuel storage

    So I have 2 jerry cans for fuel but I’m yet to figure out how to actually get the fuel into the bronco. The jerry can fuel attachment doesn’t work, purchased a funnel from Amazon and that also didn’t work. What am I missing? I’m sure it’s something stupid, but here I am. Thank you in advance
  20. Jack options?

    What’s everyone using for a jack solution? I measured today and my frame is 16.5” off the ground which limits most jacks since they only lift to 18-18.25”