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  1. Single best modification you've made on your Bronco!?

    Also if you are worried about it buy a bottle of octane booster to carry around, maybe not perfect but it will work if you cant find premium.
  2. Bronco Trail App Finally Released! 📲

    Same, keeps crashing (Upsidedowncake)
  3. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    That's good, I hope it isn't an issue on mine either. I will be watching it close when I take it out this weekend.
  4. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    Just checked and yeah they match.
  5. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    Haha, until I know more I'll go on this assumption!
  6. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    I am taking it out this weekend about 70 miles to the trail head, I'll do some testing.
  7. Odometer reading wrong (Facebook find)

    Found this post on Facebook and searched the fourms and didn't see anything. But I just did some math because I've only taken it out 4 times, bought from dealer with 60 miles showing, pretty accurate approx total of my 4 trips was 634 miles + 60 from dealer = 694, my odometer shows 991...
  8. Back hard top window randomly broke

    I do have kids (18 and 21), and no they weren't in the garage that night or even home haha. And I've never turned on the rear defroster.
  9. Back hard top window randomly broke

    So Ford/my dealer wouldn't even consider this as being a warranty item. Luckily I have $0 deductible on glass, Safelite has to order the glass from Ford and supposedly they can have it within a week (not holding my breath).
  10. Back hard top window randomly broke

    There were 2 struts, the passenger side fell inward.
  11. Sgoob

    Colorado Bronco Club

    Welcome, there's a great group of bronco owners on Facebook "Colorado bronco owners" that are always setting up trail rides and off road instruction courses. I'd recommend joining. A lot more activity there than here.
  12. Back hard top window randomly broke

    Was it covered under warranty?
  13. Back hard top window randomly broke

    Haha, no but I did see that video.
  14. Back hard top window randomly broke

    I can't tell if the strut blew it out or if the strut just popped out after the window blew.
  15. Back hard top window randomly broke

    Haha, not that I remember
  16. Back hard top window randomly broke

    It blew out from the inside, only had it 3 weeks. There's nothing above it in the garage or even close.
  17. Back hard top window randomly broke

    So I went to go to the store this morning and my garaged broncos back window was blown out. Has anyone seen anything like? I don't even know if this would be something warranty would fix, it's Sunday so I can't call. It looks like it blew outward.
  18. Non B&O Sub

    Same non-B&O with subwoofer 2023 badlands, I am putting in Rockford Fosgate P142 4" and RF P1675 6-3/4" arrived today, just waiting for my bass blockers to install. I was wondering about swapping the factory 6" sub and using the amp it came with or like the OP asked just adding a better amp...
  19. 2023 7 speaker subwoofer upgrade

    A little off topic but was there a watt rating on the factory amp you removed? Great write up, if mine ever gets delivered I'm planning something similar.