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  1. What part/accessory are you looking for that a company has not made?

    22 winty has one: https://22winty.com/order-here/ols/products/22-winty-front-bar
  2. What part/accessory are you looking for that a company has not made?

    1. I want replacement panels for the soft top that allow me to put the top all the way down without removing anything. 2. Spare relocation brackets are fine, but I'd be stoked if there were one that allowed two different heights as my camper is high clearance and I don't like using hitch...
  3. Wanted: ski/snowboard builds

    Really cool solution I'd never have considered. As cold and windy as it often is when we get to the mountain (our base elevation is ≈9000ft) I'm not sure I want to need to open the bronco to access gear. However, I applaud the ingenuity. My goal is definitely to optimize the Bronco for ski...
  4. Wanted: ski/snowboard builds

    In the winter, our bronco is our snow vehicle (our AWD prius does well too!). I've got a rack on backorder, and will be installing a tailgate table for parking lot lunches. I'd love to see builds that are ski/snowboard minded. Racks, boxes, storage for gear all are important. I'm wondering what...
  5. USB A and C port not working (Near wireless charging pad)

    Just checked all the fuses that the diagram indicates are for the usb/aux power. All are good. Yesterday my son was charging while playing pokemon go and said "it stopped charging". Power to the (aftermarket) wireless charger pad also went out. I'll remove the wireless charging pad to see if it...
  6. Please Don't Buy These

    If you want lights on your mirrors, these seem... better.
  7. 2024 Bronco Build and Price Now Live

    Damn. Probably makes it compatible with comma.ai then if it gets the 360+. $1500 aftermarket and you get a self driving bronco .
  8. 2024 Bronco Build and Price Now Live

    The ability to lock my vehicle and get in with a code was clear value. Guess I'm old now.
  9. 💰 [Updated 8/14] Official 2024 Bronco PRICES and Model Changes -- Colors, Trims, Equipment & More

    The advanced 4x4 seems to be gone as an option without Sasquatch. One of the deciding factors for me to order a Black Diamond was that it was available there sans squatch. Besides the 12" screen being standard now, that seems like the biggest "thing" I can find.
  10. JCR Soft Top Roof Rack - Looking for reviews

    This is my favorite in terms of look. I wish it had a pivot option like the 22Winty. $2600 for the winty seems too high.
  11. Ultimate 2023MY PRICE PROTECTION Flowchart

    Looking for some guidance here. Dealer is saying they "can't find" the price protection certificates for my Bronco. Original order was 3/1/22 In response to the Hard top limitations, I removed the hard top from my order after Ford e-mailed me about it. That should amount to $2500 off the...
  12. No price protection certificates on a 3/1/22 order?!?

    My information has not changed. The order was placed with the dealer as a black diamond. I got a confirmation for an outer banks, emailed back and made them change it the same day, but that was all in March '22.
  13. No price protection certificates on a 3/1/22 order?!?

    Ordered 3/1/22. (Automatically) Rolled into '23 MY in Sept of '22. I confirmed with the dealer. Removed hard top (and tow package at the dealer's suggestion) from order for $2500 private offer in February '23. Received scheduling email 6/1. Based on the "ultimate price pritection" thread, it...
  14. Scout SUV & Pickup preview teaser discovered in VW presentation

    I feel the range and charging concerns. That Jeep Recon has my eye though.
  15. Scout SUV & Pickup preview teaser discovered in VW presentation

    As someone who looks at a $60k price tag for any vehicle and shudders, an EV's limitations still keep me out of the market, especially for an "adventure vehicle". Mostly, that I can't confidently do a Baja trip or head deep out into BLM land for a week (admittedly, both 1% use cases for me)...
  16. 📬 6/1/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving

    I need Ford to slow their roll! Leaving on a LONG vacation in a couple weeks and I don't need any suprise calls or unscrupulous dealers getting tempted to sell this out from under me.
  17. 📬 6/22/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving!

    If you have a "scheduled week" but no Window Sticker, can you still get a tow package added? Or is it better to just have a trusted local installer do the tow package and (in my case) a brake controller?
  18. 📬 6/1/23 Scheduling Emails Now Arriving

    Checked this morning and it's moved from 7/10 to 7/14. I expect that it will change again!
  19. Can not get delivery of my Bronco ***** RESOLVED******

    Seems that some dealers take the money off the top for the price protection amounts, others want to give you the check "when it arrives". Is there a trick to getting it baked into the deal? My bank and my wife would certainly feel better about the Bronco and the loan if the initial amount...