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  1. This is what I've been waiting for! 🤯 Northern Lights + My Wrapped Bronco

    Holy shit!!!!! Those shots are amazing!!!! Northern Lights for the win!!!
  2. pandapaul

    Tallahassee Bronco Club

    Heck yeah, Bob! Looks awesome.
  3. pandapaul

    Tallahassee Bronco Club

    Maybe I should try to make the trip this time. Unsure. 🤔
  4. New Lights and Trail Cam installed on Base Bronco (video added)

    So awesome! Excellent work and it looks like it turned out beautifully and high functioning. Love it.
  5. pandapaul

    Tallahassee Bronco Club

    Looks excellent and highly useful
  6. Bronco NO LEATHER... is it possible?

    This is an exceedingly interesting thread.
  7. pandapaul

    Tallahassee Bronco Club

    Well I had no idea about that. Gonna try it tonight. lol
  8. pandapaul

    Tallahassee Bronco Club

    That looks pretty great for that price. Have you got a photo or two of it folded out?
  9. UG Ford Bronco RETRO FADE Graphics Kit

    It looks pretty terrible on the cactus grey. It looks like a Halloween outfit on the black, which might be fine. It's a fun idea, but it's not for me. Apologies for the bluntness.
  10. Latest Hobby Lobby Find

    That's awesome! Great find
  11. Can Tires be Too Big?

    Needs more sidewall

    The cold weather is stealing my tire pressure, so I have subbed on YouTube and crossed my fingers. Hooray for giveaways and good luck to all. 🤗
  13. Featured Build: MF-Equipped Imagine Dragons Ford Bronco

    Exactly. I was like "oh cool. where can I buy one of these. my son and I can play with it... oh wait."
  14. Get the Best Prices of the Year with Black Friday Savings

    Huzzah. Time to replace the grille letters :D
  15. Someone started a fire on my hood

    What a weird thing to do to a vehicle. Possible to repair the hood or will it have to be replaced? And y'all quit shittin' on California or this thread is going to degrade into political nonsense and get locked.
  16. PandaPaul's Build Thread: Snorkel, 37's, Fox Coilovers, Icon UCA, Core4x4 Arms/Trac Bar, DV8 Bumper, Smittybilt Winch

    My understanding of it is that if your tie rod strength exceeds the strength of vulnerable steering rack components, then that would shift the first failure point to the steering rack. I chose to gently (and cheaply) improve both. It's still a guess/experiment on my part, but I'm hopeful.
  17. Our Bronco DR has arrived.....

    What in the great giggity fuck am I looking at here?
  18. Show me your Bronco - Graphics / Decals / Wrapped Edition

    I dream of one day having lots of color like yours @I.Vegabond
  19. Made a Dash Buddy

    That is awesome! Well done.