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  1. Are these required to run a soft top?

    Are these required on a soft top other than to open it for a latch point? Are they required for a fully closed or open top? They are on backorder right now and trying to figure out if I could install my top for the summer without them installed. Thanks for any help.
  2. Side mirror part numbers

    Could someone provide me the driver and passenger side complete mirrors part numbers. They have both puddle lights, side lights and blind spot. This for a 2022 Wildtrak with LUX package. Thanks
  3. Would these fit without a lift? 325/60r20 Toyo A/T III tires

    Ok all you tire and wheel gurus out there I got a question I need some help with. Would 325/60R20 Toyo A/T III tires with Fuel Blitz 20x9 1mm offset fit under a non lifted Wildtrack with sasquatch? The height of that tire is 35.4 inches. I am not wanting to add a lift or leveling kit if at...