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  1. SoCalG

    SoCal Broncos

    I'm looking forward to it!
  2. Driver's Side Seatbelt Not Retracting

    I have had no luck convincing them to replace them under warranty.. its obvious there is an issue as the passenger side works fine and you can see the difference.
  3. Driving with top panels and no back shell.

    Has anyone tried this with the two door?
  4. Driver's Side Seatbelt Not Retracting

    Weak tensioner is my issue. slow to retract and I have to baby it to get it to retract all the way or I end up slamming the door on it :mad: First dealership (Star Ford Glendale) said no to repairing it. It's at Galpin at the moment getting the 2.3l Brake vacuum hose TSB taken care of along with...
  5. Rough country ditch lights installed

    Does anyone have experience with these other Rough country lights. Looks like a bronco specific kit. 3-inch Osram Wide Angle Series - Kit part # 71050 https://www.roughcountry.com/bronco-led-lower-windshield-kit-71045c.html?find=2022-ford-bronco-4wd-856075
  6. California Sold: WTS - Black Diamond Rims, General Grabber 32" Tires & TPMS sensors- $600 - So CAL

    Selling a set of Black Diamond Aluminum wheels and 32" tires. Tires are: General Grabber - LT265 / 70 / R17 A/T tires (32") 6,000 miles on these. They include original Ford TPMS sensors. Some of the wheels do have some marks on them. can be seen in the pictures. $600 OBO local pickup. I have...
  7. Driver's Side Seatbelt Not Retracting

    Hi Guys, bringing this one back to the top. Does anyone know if Ford has issued a TSB for this issue? Having the same problem with very slow to sometimes not retracting at all. I've accidently closed the door on the seatbelt a few times because of this. Anyone successfully get this repaired...
  8. Buying TPMS Sensors

    Hi Guys. I can vouch for these TPMS sensors. I just had them installed this past Saturday and they worked without the Bronco going through any formal type of re-learning procedure. Interesting story though.... When I put on a set of Sasquatch takeoffs that were missing TPMS sensors, I never saw...
  9. Ocean views along the trail on West Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara

    That looks amazing! I'll have to add that trail to the list for sure. Great looking bronco! which red is that?
  10. 🏔️ Mormon Rocks Run - Cajon Pass w/ 25+ Bronco Owners 🏔️

    Sad I missed this one. Looked like a ton of fun! Looking forward to the next one!
  11. Salvage 2 Door Badlands Gets a Second Life. Restoration & Modified Rebuild Planned

    Any sign of water damage? With two recent hurricanes making landfall in FL, we could see a flood (no pun intended) of salvaged bronco's being sold. That damage kind of looks like what would happen to a vehicle if it was knocked around by flood waters.
  12. California Sasquatch shocks and uca

    Hi, I'm interested. I just sent you a message.
  13. First Bronco Velcro Patch for my bronco

    🤣 ... couldn't resist ..
  14. New Rancho 3" lift & level suspension kit system for the Bronco

    It seems strange that as a manufacturer, you do not have a Manufacturer Suggested Retail price.