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  1. BRONCO SEVERE DUTY STEERING UPGRADE KIT now available from Ford Performance Parts!

    Came here looking for this answer. Good to know, thanks! :) Did you actually have to adjust anything else after the install? Or just a straight swap and flash?
  2. Age and Reason for 2door and 4door buyers

    What an ridiculous thing to say. I'm 43 I have a 24 year old son who does not live with me. It's just my fiance and me and our dogs. I bought a 4 door because I like it, not because I have "baggage." 🙄 In the end, who cares? Buy what you like. Any advantages or disadvantages of either aside...

    Oooh oooh me! 🤣 followed you on Facebook lol
  4. Just my little Raptor build.... $50k-ish

    If this were an individual I would agree with you. But this is a shop. It's not a "brag" it's an "advertisement." 😝 Also, wtf are you doing here if you're going to troll around here calling this a "station wagon?" EDIT: Never mind the last question, after reading more posts on this thread. I...
  5. MTX575 install.

    I just found that within a minute before seeing your message lol! Definitely looks like a good option!
  6. MTX575 install.

    Thanks! Yea but it didn't quite fit right, and I wanted to try to get the antenna cable close to the back so I didn't have to run that longer distances to the antenna on the back. So it was either run cat5 and power up, or a thick wire, susceptible to interference, back down, and I'd still have...
  7. MTX575 install.

    Just under the door sill plastic bits with the rest of the wires, then up the lock panel and across the inside of the dash. It's plenum rated cable so it has thicker shielding. It a bit of work for sure, but I have an amp in the open spot inside the dash above the glove box and I didn't want it...
  8. MTX575 install.

    I finally got around to installing my MTX575. It's been sitting in my office for 7 months, during which I picked up a few other bits for the install I wanted to install it in the rear passenger side 1/4 panel area where the sub normally goes in the lux package. But there was no clean way to do...
  9. Went off roading and lost licence plate holder/bracket on rear stock Badlands bumper

    This happened to me yesterday, back tracked nearly my entire run but couldn't find it. Lost the light too so a bit annoyed. I love everything else about this vehicle but this is such an incredibly stupid way to mount a license plate. 🙄
  10. Beam pattern for ditch lights?

    I did rigid d-series pro floods on my a-pillars, angled out to the side about 15 degrees. Mainly because I'm generally looking closer towards the sides of the trail, at tree line, or the drop off, etc. and I want a more 'full' light but don't need to see a half mile in that direction. Also I can...
  11. Very Clean Midland MXT575 GMRS Radio Install with Mountains2Metal Bracket and 67 Designs Mic Mount

    Glad I ran across this, I've had my key amp in there with heavy duty Velcro for a while now, had no idea somebody made an amp mount for that. Purchased immediately. 😂 I took am doing a mtx575 install but I'm putting the main unit in the rear cargo area where the sub would be (I don't have a...
  12. Major issue with my new Bronco's wheels / hub (wheel came off while driving)

    Yea and that's probably why they aren't "being helpful." Because they know they are at fault.
  13. Mounting hardware for MTI Acoustics amp rack?

    I purchased the MTI Acoustics amp rack, not for an amp specifically, but to mount various electrical accessories to. However, I did not realize on the product page says that the "M6x1.25 flange nuts" are NOT included until I went to install it and realized I had no way to mount it. So, I went to...
  14. HOSS 3.0 severe duty STEERING RACK and TIE RODS ...Ford Performance M-3200-WT

    Just coming back to this thread after a while... stoked that you figured this out. Haven't had issues with my steering rack yet but I am all about planning ahead. This is def going on my "bullet proof all the things" list before I start lifting lol!
  15. Android Auto Coolwalk w/ Full Split Screen (Public Stable Release) Now Working in Bronco!

    I just got the update on mine, mid package. I haven't played with it to see what the difference is on the 8 inch screen, but I got the notification for the update itself in the Ford app.
  16. Overlanding KofA trip - Best 3 options I ordered for overlanding / camping in a Bronco

    Not at all what I was expecting from an "over-landing" post lol! Music is the last thing in my mind when I'm wheeling or in the wilderness, although I have a large collection of offline music(i.e. mp3s) and Spotify for that and I can definitely understand that especially if you're alone...
  17. Ken Block Dies In Snowmobile Accident 💔

    This one pains me a bit, I don't generally get emotional about celebrities passing, but I can't stop thinking about this. I've been following his life for years, he has had a huge influence on my love for the sport. It's a damn shame, and he will be sorely missed. Yesterday my fiancés...
  18. What 🎁 did Santa bring you this year??

    Was purchased from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B92HTJ8X I installed them yesterday, they aren't entirely soft-sided, the outside is a little bit stiffer. It's hard to tell from the description on amazon but do think they would work for a 2door. Anyway, I'm pretty happy how they fit and...
  19. What 🎁 did Santa bring you this year??

    Not sure if this is allowed so mods delete if necessary. But this is what I got for Christmas. A custom built AR-15, and these cool bags for my bronco. :) Not a big gun nut or anything but I do like to shoot for fun, and this thing was a pretty awesome gift! Fiancé really out-did herself this year!