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  1. Baja Design Light kits!

    Hello Brahian: Thank you for the additional instructions. I have the tap fuse installed. I put it in a 10V slot #125 on the under hood fuse box. #125 is for the USB charger, so it's non-essential and it turns on as soon as the car turns on. The only issue I'm having is that the driving...
  2. Anderson Composites Hardtop Installed - Review, Tips, and Pics

    I have a 50" Baja Designs roof light bar (purchased from 4x4TruckLEDs.com - love those guys) with an AeroLidz light cover. The cover helped significantly with wind noise, but it remained quite loud. What light cover model did you get? I just added the BD light bar to my rig and I'd love to...
  3. Baja Design Light kits!

    What fuse would you recommend? See Ford Bronco Fuse Box Diagram. Like I said...I am a complete novice at this, so do you have a photo of an installed Fuse Tap that I could use as a reference?
  4. Baja Design Light kits!

    I installed the S8 50" BD light bar on my roof this weekend. However, I couldn't figure out how to use the Fuse Tap Kit to get the Amber Backlit Feature to work. Does anyone have tips they could send me? I'm not thrilled with the wire installation on the windshield. There's got to be a way...
  5. NV Joe

    Bay Area Broncos

    Thanks all. I will check out Hollister.
  6. NV Joe

    775 BC

    NEWBIE here. Just got back from the Moab Off-Roadeo. So much fun! Looking to get out and explore the Tahoe area with my new rig. (Just picked it up in October.) Any beginner trails y'all would recommend?
  7. NV Joe

    Bay Area Broncos

    NEWBIE...are there any trails folks would recommend to a beginner around the Bay? (Within an hour's drive or so). I just got back from the Moab Off-Roadeo, and I'm hooked! I would love to get out while the weather is still decent and see what my rig can do.