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  1. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    I believe you missed my point.. Rather than the fill plug there was the barb.. This is a September 2021 BB.. I did two out Broncos within days of this work, and the barb was in the same location of upper fill plugs on 2022 Wildtrak and 2023 Badlands. Yes, there should have been a fill plug, BUT...
  2. What did you do TO / WITH your Bronco today? πŸ‘¨πŸ»‍πŸ”§πŸ§°πŸšΏπŸ› 

  3. 10R60 - Total Fluid Capacity vs. Amount Dumped With Filter Change?

  4. Body color matching fender flares for Wildtrak question.

    Looks very sharp! And YES, only summer use.. πŸŒ¨οΈπŸŒ¨οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈ
  5. Is 300,000 miles possible?

    Not to get too technical, but the Cummins application would be a K&N washable filter.. No the best choice for a dust air filter .. There is no oiled version for the big trucks. Too much maintenance burden.. As we talk about the oiled K&N filters I know dozens of people that live by the K&N air...
  6. Is 300,000 miles possible?

    Please explained β€œdusted a Cummins in a short time..” πŸ€“
  7. Potential Transmission Issue?

    Time to have a new transmission put in. Start again with clean transmission fluid.. πŸ˜‚
  8. Is 300,000 miles possible?

    Start with changing all your driveline fluids ( Front differential, transfer case, and rear differential). Once you are over 25k, get the transmission fluid changed.. Changing motor oil between 4000-5000 miles is the best.. a drop in K&N air filter and PVC/ catch can will contribute to...
  9. Engine power issues with 37's?

    Nice rig…..
  10. Change Driveline Fluids Early!

    And YES I do.. 75W110 in front and 75W140 in rear. These rear ends need a heavy gear fluid.. I service a 2022 Wildtrak and it has be running through temperatures of -15.. The owner stores it in a garage, he doesn’t have to idle to heat up.. His mileage MPG has not changed since 75W140. His...
  11. Trying to decide which Bronco to get. Turbo 4 or TTV6

    Hi, I have a 2021 2.3L BB and a 2023 2.7 Badlands.. I chipped the 2.3L and it got a lot more get up and go but that takes premium gas.. I got 22 MPG driving back and forth to work.. I simply hate how the transmission constantly lugging the engine.. She has the 3.73. The Badlands with 2.7L is...
  12. Desert run in UAE

    Are those temperatures in Centigrade-C or F ? Just checking ..
  13. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    Hi Farley, The K&N filter affects nothing other than allowing air to be drawn in easier.. It is the sensors that affect turbo charging and injection are all directed by the β€œcomputer”. K&N It’s all about drawing more air easier. Paper filters are the worst.. They were a cheap excuse for...
  14. Assembly Line Fail Brand New Bronco Dead Display

    Bummer…. Ford is a mess.. But, electronics are still one of those things you get one that just plain bad.. Good luck with the parts department..
  15. Badlands Sasquatch has terrible MPG

    The K&N filter series have been my go to for twenty years.. Many posts here list the K&N as one of the top additions.. Also, you might check inside the air intake and make sure something is not stuck in there.. Don’t know how I did it, but my 1999 Super Duty sucked in a plastic bag. It’s just...
  16. Desert run in UAE

    Great film.. What was your engine oil temp/ transmission temperatures? Thanks