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  1. This is what I've been waiting for! 🤯 Northern Lights + My Wrapped Bronco

    Yeah, it was a crazy show.. the pictures look better than what you could actually see, but the best way to describe is that it was lighting shaped clouds.. when you saw something really cool and put up your camera, it was gone before you could get a pic... had to be lucky and timely...
  2. Aeroskin Deflector Removal

    Thanks... Blue heeler/Australian cattle dog... crazy smart.
  3. Aeroskin Deflector Removal

    I would also comment... I have had my bronco for a year now... I got 2 stone chips the first month of ownership... one developed into a crack.. put the deflector on in ~month 2.. haven't had one since.
  4. Off-Roadeo just opened to Public (non Bronco owners)

    I would be curious to know the name of the place in MN if you could share?
  5. Hood strip led light ?

    Not 100% sure... the 2 switches I am using do, so it would make sense that all of them work that way. I just know because sometimes I forget to switch off the lights and they come on the next time I start the truck.
  6. Hood strip led light ?

    Aux switch is an option... I believe if you leave it on, it will come on when you start the car, that is way my fog lights work and probably the way you want them to work. I bought the Mabett grill lights and the wiring came with fuses and a 90 degree plug and the wire came out of the side of...
  7. Dewalt Tire Inflator

    Probably sounds crazy, but I have the black and decker version as I had inherited a bunch of tools and a bunch of batteries. This is the compressor I took out to MOAB with my Raptor with 35s and aired up and down every day without issues. One battery fully charged had no problem with 4 tires...
  8. Mabett Door Storage Bag for Ford Bronco Available Now!

    @Mabett Is a 2dr option coming?
  9. Show Us Your Coolers! (Not Fridges)

    Pork and ribs aside for a different discussion.. What is that shelf you have in the back of your Bronco??.. and I guess I need to know if you have a 2Dr or 4Dr..
  10. Just leave beauty ring off?

    I agree... they are just too bright... FYI regarding the cross threading... since I have had all of them on and off twice I can see how they can get cross threaded, but as long as you know what you are doing, I didn't have any problems.
  11. Just leave beauty ring off?

    There is a different thread that talks to this as well... I took the rings to my powder coater and he was worried about removing whatever is on the rings prior to coating them and damaging the aluminum.. He was going to charge $40 each. In that other thread someone talked about HyperDip and...
  12. Illinois Warm Alloy SAS Beauty Rings For Sale

    I am thinking about doing the same swap... where did you get your black ones from? and I will assume you like them?

    Hey @topnotch2023 I am thinking about doing the same.. where did you get your black ones?
  14. Wisconsin Roll Call

    Finally another Bronco in Wisconsin... I have been waiting a long time.
  15. Masterwaterskier

    Wisconsin Bronco Club

    Another Bronco in Wisconsin. Just picked mine up from Granger last Friday.
  16. AR | STIRRUP® OEM Rail Fitment, Billet Aluminum Side Step - Brongo6G Exclusive Part

    Hey @EIGHTLUG .. Just got my Bronco and I need some Stirrups... hard to get in... Can you "Send IT!!??"
  17. $2500 Order Incentive, 2023 Allocation & More News - Granger Ford

    I got that picture last week... Jan 25th.. so basically right before it was going to arrive.
  18. 📬 Scheduling Email Now Arriving 2/2/23 !! 🙌

    I posted this in the other scheduling thread, just trying to help.. Not to be the person that posts bad news... just trying to set expectations for you. I received the glorious email from Ford on Oct 6 with a VIN and said my Bronco was scheduled for production... Oh JOY and excitement...