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  1. Buckin Madness Interior Grab Handle Kit - Billet Aluminum

    Looks like they’d slice you head open in a collision or a rollover. There are plenty of companies making soft/nylon grab handles that mount overhead along the roll cage.
  2. Who's using the RC high winch mount?

    Great thread right here all about the RC high winch mount. I'm running the now discontinued Tricky Motorsports frame horn reinforcements on my build. My build is all listed on like page 12 or 13. Many builds with ideas for everything you need on different winches, control box relocates, camera...

    Replied for entry. How do you know I’ve subscribed to your YouTube channel?
  4. Comprehensive Roof Rack Comparison 5/2024

    Man I haven’t even thought to leave my wind deflector on to remove my TRMR rack. Genius. Do you just leave the rear clam shell mounts clamped on and just detach the pax rax mounts from the bottom bracket under the clam shell? I would think that would be the easiest way to take it on and off...
  5. Rakattach 2.0 vs Kuat Pivot V2

    I’m running the large. Fits great.
  6. Rakattach 2.0 vs Kuat Pivot V2

    No it doesn’t. If you have a hitch basket or a bike rack on it will but just the pivot does not.
  7. The Most Common Bronco Colors You See? 🎨

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Rapid Red but that color has since been retired along with Cyber Orange. Of the current available colors, I see velocity blue and cactus gray the least. Then maybe white/iconic silver/race red. Then most common are black/A51/carbonized gray/eruption green. At least...
  8. Trailrax roof rack perfectly stores the rear panel!

    No pics, sorry. Ratchet straps are my go to, but this panel is light enough that cam straps would be fine as well. I'm probably going to buy new ones that are black so the blend in more. I currently use orange straps.
  9. Trailrax roof rack perfectly stores the rear panel!

    I'm sure I'm not the only one of us who has wanted to remove the middle panel of my hard top when suddenly finding yourself in some beautiful weather while out and about (especially here in the PNW), but there is no way to store it other than putting the rear seats down. I did a little messing...
  10. How do I get roof mounted solar panel wiring into my truck/engine bay?

    If you go with the Trailrax full rack you could run the wire along the passenger side rail and down through the passenger side A pillar. There is a notch in the seal above the windshield near the A pillar. You could run the wire down through there, down the A pillar behind the trim, to the back...
  11. Peavine Mountain Rescue with my Bronco Wildtrak

    Sorry for my typo even though you got what I was saying (instead OF slamming...lol). I believe the best case scenario and some manufacturer recommendations is about 6 feet of slack to start. Check out this video with Factor55 for great information on recovery using a kinetic rope and soft...
  12. Peavine Mountain Rescue with my Bronco Wildtrak

    Did you have you rope folded in half? Use the full length of rope to get the most stretch and mechanical advantage of the "rubber band" effect. I'd also ease into it a little more instead or slamming it. Also as others have said, hook up to your rear to pull. Pulling backwards is harder on your...
  13. The mountain beat me today. Stuck 3x and 1.5 hrs of winching

    Cool, thanks for the info!
  14. The mountain beat me today. Stuck 3x and 1.5 hrs of winching

    How did your RC High Winch mount hold up to all the winching? Do you have frame horn reinforcements? Just curious...glad you were able to make it out safely!
  15. Ford Performance Winch Install -- How-to DIY Video

    Interesting to see how far down around the bend in the frame horn that bottom brace goes. I’m guessing the tab piece that mounts on the back of the bumper slides into that bottom brace piece securing it all together? I wonder if more of the stress on bending frame horns under heavy load is lower...
  16. My soft shackle failure experience 🤕 -- The Off-Road Recovery That Almost Killed Me

    Lots of comments. Lots of opinions. My opinion is the "recovering" vehicle was hitting way too hard and you were buried too deep. A gentle bump backwards probably would have gotten you back up on the trail rather than plowing through 3 feet of snow. Glad you're ok.
  17. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    Hahah oh I gotcha. Glad I could help!
  18. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    No this was from early January. Drove down from the Seattle area and did a lot of Southern Utah exploring with the wife and kid over the winter. It's insanely beautiful there. Were you stuck on the trail?
  19. The Official Bronco6G Photo Challenge Game 📸 🤳

    On top of a waterfall? Toqerville Falls.