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  1. First look: Next Raptor?

    Zamboni Raptor - Short bed.
  2. Sunday morning at the MAP.

    Glad to say it was a beautiful morning at the MAP. Sun was shining, lots of Bronco activity! We saw three 2 door Cyber Orange out on Michigan Ave, looked like they were staging them to ship, also caught a cactus gray 4 door hard top with roof rails, plus a number of others out in the street...
  3. Mannequin/Demo Tracker

    Anybody else think we should get a tracker set up for Mannequins? I think we need an admin to create it -- but would be something like this: State,Dealer,Trim,Doors,Color,Top,Transmission,Sasquatch, Drive/View Only, Date Available, Date Sold, Notes Anything I missed?
  4. Possible origins of Navy Pier design choice

    Stumbled across this article on Robb Report. Notice the jacket... Coincidence? Let's hope the woman in green has some input on the 22MY paint options.
  5. Bronco Valet Mode?

    Does anyone know if there will be a 'valet' mode? In particular I'd like to be able to prevent the uneducated and curious from engaging lockers and other than 'normal' GOAT modes? (As a teen, if my daddy told me to leave it alone it would be the first thing I'd do. Suffer the consequences :)...
  6. Production Sequence - your preference in build order?

    Nearly everyone wants their Bronco yesterday. From a quality perspective, would you prefer one of the first productions, slightly later, or well later? Does it matter?