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  1. 📸 2025 4Runner Leaked: New Competition Revealed

    Dear auto design experts, For the love of God, piano black does not belong outside or inside any vehicle. Stop. Just stop!
  2. My Baby is Finally Home... After Being Shot at and Crashed

    Damn I might have been tempted to do an entire wrap and park in front of his house. Something like this:
  3. Cheap interior, build quality for $70k

    Recently the glovebox was not closing so I applied more force and snapped the plastic gear for the soft opening mechanism.
  4. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    JT best of luck, the answer is always Miata!
  5. Frozen steering rack (with aftermarket parts)

    TFL Winter tires vs socks The Youtube vid did show some beautiful scenery.
  6. Why do Bronco owners drive so slow?

    If it has a motor I can hustle it flat out. Golf cart, riding mower, forklift, power wheels barbi jeep, you name it… however the wife is not as impressed with my ability to put a vehicle onto two wheels and not roll it over.
  7. Top 5 MUST-HAVE Accessories for the Ford Bronco

    https://www.amazon.com/Mabett-Backrest-Protector-Accessories-Pieces/dp/B09VL31QV5?th=1 seat back protector mats a must for any suv or hatchback.
  8. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    sardine Nice Car I do like the baby blue ones with orange accents.
  9. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    Living in the Northeast we get crappy weather snow/sleet/ice. I have since mounted a set of Continental ExtremeContact DWS 06 Plus all seasons on the stock gun metal Enkei wheels for the winter.
  10. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    I did consider the Hyundai N but couldn’t get past the front end looks. Either you love it or hate it. I know from the driver’s seat you cant see it anyway. Hyundai has stepped up their game and thankfully kept the manual transmission alive for now.
  11. 2024 Acura Integra Type S

    How we got here… I had sold my 2015 Subaru STi to a friend (who blew the motor 4 months later)and ordered a new Bronco Wildtrak. So after driving the Bronco for a while I came to realize I missed rowing through the gears. I know the Bronco can be had with a manual but it doesn’t handle like a...
  12. Built Ford Tough? What a joke! Shocks that rust out...

    I have seen another Bronco Bilstein reservior somewhere on the internet that rusted and fell off just like the OP’s so this might not be an isolated issue. I have my Bronco NHOU coated and the extended warranty. Maybe @Ford should step up and offer a set of HOSS Fox shocks for good will.
  13. 2.7L and 3.0L engine NHTSA probe expanded -- defective fractured intake valves issue [WARNING: NO TROLLING]

    My 2000 F250 7.3 had a bad cam positioning sensor. This would cause the truck to just shut down without warning. Happened to me several times once while trying to pass a semi on the highway, wrestle over to the breakdown lane, no power steering/brakes, motor off, wait a 10 minutes, restart, no...
  14. Front Splash Guards/Mud Flap will NOT fit with Running Board

    Weathertechs seem to help. The Goodyears grab rocks and hold on to them until you reach highway speed and then fling them out. Cringe every time you hear them hopefully wack the underside of the running board. Have had them on for about a year now. Seems to be doing their job. Hardly notice the...
  15. Put 20s on my Wildtrak - Now Roast Me

    I don’t hate it.
  16. Bestop Skyrider - Installation Video and Review by Owner ✅

    I too am a member of the drip club. Wait, I mean my Bestop Skyrider has a leak I have tried multiple times to reposition and tighten but still have a slight leak. We are experiencing an extremely wet summer here in New England. Any suggestions? Shims to push the rear of the Skyrider panel up...
  17. Tow Ratings Explained

    Interesting, not sure which factors caused the Bronco to be rated so weak but…
  18. 2,500 mile road trip with 2-Door Bronco experience: cargo space, fuel economy, issues

    My experience with our ‘21 4dr Wildtrak road trip from Northeast CT to Naples Fla. was similar to the OP. It can be done. It is not a vault like experience. Lots of wind noise from pushing a brick shaped object with an upright windshield at 80mph. The knobby tires will emit a growl on all but...