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  1. 2.7L is very choppy from launch

    Yep, happens with mine. Left turns mostly, oddly.
  2. Where do you put/store your key fob in the vehicle?

    This thread gives me anxiekey.
  3. Wrapped my Bronco, inspired by Jurassic Park Roamer

    This is weird. I like it.
  4. Mismatched Grab Handles are Now Standard on OBX

    I guess blue is too costly
  5. Feeling green

    Lower the tire pressure and drive it on the highway. Will probably get rid of those flat spots.
  6. Just found a no auto start hack

    I did what the FORScan spreadsheet on here said to do.
  7. Heritage style grill with two cans of Rustoleum spray paint

    Damn your Bronco looks great!
  8. Valentine One radar detector installed today with BlendMount and MirrorTaps!

    The Bronco *almost* has T-Tops :ROFLMAO:. Also, when I saw the thread title I'm like "why you need a radar detector in a Bronco?" Then I realized that my Broncos comfort speed on the highway is 83 :LOL:
  9. Just found a no auto start hack

    I think I addressed this in my post right above yours, good sir.
  10. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I've driven a manual Mini 2 door when they first came out and they are FUN
  11. What is the most fun vehicle you have driven!! Bronco, Wrangler, anything else?

    I learned how to drive stick in a gated Ferrari at 14. That was pretty cool. Until I tried to drive a manual VW at 16... Oh the difference :LOL: :ROFLMAO: Backstory if people are curious: One of my best friends growing up had a dad who owned an exotic car dealership, so there would be all types...
  12. Just found a no auto start hack

    Yeah, but you still have to hit a button! Sideways hack? I did FORScan and am quite pleased with not having to hit a button after I hit a button to start the car. Now... if only Ford would give us Phone as a Key, I'd be very happy.
  13. How do I unlock this piece?

    Eruption Green! Nice!
  14. FORScan Bronco Working Spreadsheet (double honk, sport mode, chimes, seatbelts, and more!)

    So I tried to change my DRLs to amber, but when I used FORScan, it worked, but my turn signals wouldn't work. I used the "4" option. Should I have used a different one?